Saturday, February 18, 2017


I envy my husband. He has the ability to do something,
I can only dream about. He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, while I struggle with bouts of insomnia. Nothing fazes him. Lights on or off... television blaring, radio playing, once he makes up his mind to rendezvous with the sandman, off to dreamland he goes! Eyes shut and he's out, just as simple as that. Week after week, night after night, I JEALOUSLY lay, wide-awake, listening while he snores. I toss and turn. I get up, lay back down. I get online. I read a book. I throw fake mice at the cats and play, drink a cup of cinnamon tea until it happens. When I manage to drift off, nothing aggravates me more, than being rudely ripped from sleep, once I finally manage to doze off! Yet it happens over and over again. Cats still think it’s playtime and interrupt my sleeping more often than not, in bed. So I post an imaginary DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on my bedroom door and telephone between 7-10 am. After racking up those countless, sleepless hours, at night... I can finally  catch my ZZZZZ's, retreating into a heavenly slumber while my husband keeps the cats busy chasing him around. Thank goodness. Survival of the species requires a certain amount of down I take mine WHEN I can get it! Do you fall asleep easily? And do you stay asleep. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Romantic gestures aside... our Valentine’s Day gift to one another is... running water in the kitchen sink. Our plumbing to that spot... has been broken for about a week and a half... due to a leaky faucet... that stopped working altogether. Not to mention... it had been corroded for a while... on the outside spigot arch, making it UGLY too. (But in all fairness it was fifteen years old.) The inconvenience of NO WATER has been intolerable for the most part. Who doesn’t operate without their kitchen sink in working order?  My husband called the Price Pfister people to get instructions on how to fix it and they surprised him by offering to send out a new faucet, FREE OF CHARGE. Who can resist a deal like that? This product is warranted for life to be free of leaks, so they wanted a NEW one in place, not a repaired one. It was a $200 item replaced totally FREE. Imagine that? BRAND NEW and fancier than we had. A bargain for sure. Fixing it was one thing, but putting a new one in is quite another. The next problem was... my husband is no spring chicken, not agile in the least… so he worried about installation and getting in all the positions needed to connect it without hurting his back or making himself sick. (He has COPD and SPINAL STENOSIS) I finally convinced him now that his Social Security check came in, to call the plumber and see how cheaply he could do it for us and how quickly? I know hiring a professional cuts into the FREE part, but still we were given a gift.  So for the cost of a dozen roses, and box of chocolates… everything was back in working order with new hardware in place, in time for Valentine’s Day. Now... I’m feeling the love, aren’t you? 

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Remember the cartoon Dagwood and Blondie? It often made me smile. Poor misunderstood Dagwood. Seems no matter what he did he was always in the doghouse over something. I do not remember him buying flowers or cards, candy or jewelry to apologize? Do you? He just had lots of excuses why it happened and why it wouldn’t happen again. Truth is in real life when somebody does something to HURT you… whether intentional or not… do they owe you an apology and what kind? Sometimes the hurt runs so deep that mere words alone do not let somebody off the hook, do they? Or is something more needed? Particularly between husbands and wives?  If your spouse flippantly told you to buy yourself something at Jared or Kay after getting caught doing something naughty? What would you do? Is that enough of an effort put forth to erase the bad and allow you to forgive them? Do monetary gestures tackle the problem or make it worse in your opinion? The greeting card companies have hundreds of cards lining the store aisles that address the problem and say  I’m sorry for you. Have you honestly ever bought one? Or more importantly received one? Maybe a different approach works. Have you ever given somebody the SILENT treatment when they do not appear to capitulate in some form to acknowledge the trouble they caused and the hurt they inflicted?  To forgive is often easier said than done, isn’t it? But in the long run, when you love someone what choice do you have?  This too shall pass. Or does it? Do you hold a grudge? My husband seldom if ever says he’s sorry. Yet, I always do, for even minor infractions, guilty or not. Are we mismatched or what? How do you apologize? 

Monday, January 30, 2017


When I was growing up my Nana had a dresser top full of things I adored. Seemed every square inch was occupied with something. Most important to dress up the furniture, she had an elegant translucent white lace doily that covered the top. Remember doilies? In the center was a small pot of purple African violets. And then, off to the side, was an ornate very old lamp. When she passed away I was given the lamp. I treasured it with all my heart for many years. It was extremely fragile and delicate though, so I always took precautions to tread carefully around it. But one day while in a hurry to clean up, it fell out of my hands to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. I was devastated. That part of my grandmother was now gone. All I managed to salvage were the broken heads of the figural Victorian couple in it. Everything else was destroyed. I cried and cried. I was so mad at myself for letting this happen. Over time the hurt got easier to deal with and I moved on… by buying myself another antique lamp, similar but different to the one my Nana had on her dresser.  Have you ever had a beloved treasure or family heirloom leave you empty handed with a broken heart?

Sunday, January 22, 2017


A few years back… my mom and dad who live halfway across the country… bemoaned a plague worse than death… STINKBUGS. They were beside themselves because these ugly varmints were hugging one side of their house so that the color had changed from cream to brown. They were camped inside the window jams and basically were a pain in the butt. Eliminating them was near impossible according to one exterminator after another. And the most pressing issue was the smell they emanated when you killed them. It was by all accounts just HORRIBLE. We sympathized with my parents and wished them well. Eventually the bad bugs dissipated and that was the end of it… until here and now at our house.

We now have STINKBUGS and they are driving us crazy. They simply can NOT be ignored.  A dozen turned up throughout the house, and we squished them taking their crusty carcasses outside. We thought that was it. WRONG! The pesky things keep showing up everywhere. The bathroom, the family room. I plugged my cellphone in to charge it and there were two STINKBUGS. I popped a top on a cream soda, sat it on my desk to drink it… turned around and guess what,  there was one STINKBUG about to dive in. GROSS. Sitting on the couch we’ve had a handful fly into the carpet in front of us. They circle the lights attracted by the brightness at night. And just this afternoon we discovered yet another STINKBUG floating in a mug…. put in the kitchen sink. We’ve been told the same thing my parents have, these BUGS are practically invincible. Bug spray does no good. When you smash them, they emit an odor that attracts more of the bugs to the area. Our question is WHERE are they coming in from???? We’ve sealed every place we can think of to keep them out. If we could find that source perhaps we could eliminate part of the problem. These things look prehistoric. Their bodies are in the shape of a shield. Have any of you had SINKBUGS? Do you know what to do to discourage them or have a way to RID the premises of them? Enlighten us please. HELP! Meanwhile, I’m taking no chances.

LIDS cover everything and I carry a big FLYSWATTER.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I grew up in a family of tea drinkers. My dad and Nana both started their mornings with a cup of Lipton Tea. One bag, with two or three lumps of sugar.  And a splash of creamer. Then they’d have another cup  following the supper hour. Back in the day... to drink tea... you had to put the kettle on, then wait for the whistle, to let you know the water was ready.  

My mom had a Revere Ware kettle that was always polished and ready to use. When I got older I mimicked my relatives adding tea drinking in my own life. Only I kicked it up a notch, and drank Constant Comment by Bigelow. And when I poured my water  it came from a charming Copper kettle. To this day, I do not drink coffee at all. An occasional cup of Chai or African Autumn is often on my menu. But truth be told I’ve gotten finicky about my tea, as I’ve aged.  I now exclusively use Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney & Sons which comes in SACHETS, not bags… which are housed in pretty tins. Perfect for gift giving and receiving. It is the one luxury I afford myself. And, though I have a bright RED kettle on the stove, I’ve cut my brewing time down immensely by NOT using it. My husband has a Keurig coffee maker that has proven to be pretty handy to this tea drinker. We all know the right teacup or mug makes tea drinking, a special event, not just an everyday occurrence. SO... once you have the drinking vessel chosen… you just sit it under the coffee dispenser WITHOUT a pod, push a button, and get hot water  at the right temperature... instantly. So simple. And it makes for a joyous TEA experience each time... without waiting for the whistle to blow... 

Though I do miss the routine of the past, every now and then.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Our family room has mini-blinds in it instead of curtains. The notion being outside is a work of art. So... when we open the blinds to let the sun shine in… the windows provide the frame to view the beauty out there. And depending on the weather… that scenery could change giving us a new canvas to enjoy… every day. Curtains are more formal and have a whole different vibe. But the truth is… the real story we face here… is that the height of our ceiling is lower than average, so a standard 84 inch curtain... is too long for the space. And... it would cost a fortune to have them shortened because I’m not so handy... with the sewing machine anymore. However, years ago we found out cloth shower curtains are a perfect fit, length wise, if we ever decided to use them. This year has been bitterly cold... and the mini-blinds just aren’t enough of a barrier... to keep the warmth in, so we relinquished using the blinds alone. In part… because I accidently stumbled on the sale of the century, at a major retailer. I found two matching paisley shower curtains... showing a $9 price tag... but ringing up just a $1 a piece. UNBELIEVABLE, Right? Cloth curtains to cover the windows and keep the cold out for only $2 total.  

They cover the area needed, and then some… and look FABULOUS to boot… blending in with the room d├ęcor perfectly… making us feel more home-y than artsy.