Sunday, June 19, 2016

DUCK there is TAPE

For all the ladies who read my blog, I apologize in advance . Reading this post will probably make you shake your heads in disbelief. As for the men… I think you  are going to smile saying, that broad is resourceful. And that broad would be me. For the past month or so I have noticed a problem with the handles of my purse. They were getting frayed. I have about dozen other purses I could use but I like this one, in particular. And frankly, I do not feel like switching out  what is inside it... to put into a new one. Call me lazy. But I find that task tedious and frustrating. Everything has to go in new pockets and places, then you spend days trying to find what’s where. So I decided to just keep using the purse I have… frayed handles and all. But it has become a bit of an eyesore, brought to my attention by a friendly stranger, when I was shopping. She suggested the pocketbook was well used, pointing to the handles. This made me a tad bit self conscious about carrying it around… but I still stubbornly refused to replace it. The color combination suits me. I LOVE it. I did not want to let it go just yet. The body of the satchel is fine. What could I do about the handles, I asked myself?  Then it HIT me. I could FIX them with an old product we all have used. That MEN gush about. Now ladies… this would be the time for you to sit down. The sacrilege I am about to describe will disturb your sensibilities in a world full of Vera Bradley, Michael Kors and Coach purses. However, men you can stand up and applaud. I did something you would do. It may sound more borax than classy, just hearing about it ladies…  but the end result speaks volumes. It was a GOLDEN opportunity to put this particular product to the test. So I did it. I’m here to tell you folks that YES indeed… Duck Tape does FIX everything. It’s just not about the silver anymore people. It comes in an assortment of colors ready to tackle any project. Take a gander at the pictures below. (click on them to enlarge)  I wrapped the handles of this GG…ing Purse , I carry everywhere… with Gold Duck Tape. It matches. And makes the purse look new again. Designer ready. I’m a CONVERT and new Duck Tape devotee. Frayed is no longer an issue. What have you used DUCK TAPE for? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Sometimes the universe gives you a present. A profound moment that stays with you, deep down inside…. Because it matters in a way others do not understand.  I have been fortunate to have had two of those moments in recent days. But I’ll only talk about the first one right now. It occurred while I was outside at 2 am sitting on my front patio . “I’m hurting. I’m broken down.” Upset by my lot in life I was reflecting on the whys and wherefores of it. Looking upwards I challenged the universe to do something about it. And within seconds of my request the most glorious thing happened. A deer appeared in my side yard walking towards me.  It was so close I could almost reach out and touch it. Our eyes locked on one another showing a mutual respect for each others territory.  Sympatico we stayed at an arm’s length from one another for ten minutes or more, barely breathing.  Two creatures of the night… having a clandestine liaison… which offered comfort and friendship, of a different sort.  I wiped the tears from my cheek. My words to the universe did not fall on deaf ears. The deer was an omen. Whenever I find myself searching for answers I always see one, somewhere. (or a heron) But never this…. up close and personal. I felt honored to share this special moment in time with it. Blessed to be part of a bigger picture. The deer nodded at me, as if reading my thoughts and then it walked out to the street. I whispered ‘goodbye’, as it turned tail and left. It paused for just a second though… turning back to look at me, one last time… and I added, “Thank-You for stopping by for a visit.”  I could tell the feeling was mutual. Then off into the night it went. They say when it’s DARK enough you can see the stars.  Now alone again…  I looked up at them. A billion points of shining light. The universe knew how to fix my broken spirit. And gave me HOPE in the form of an animal that means so much to me, for so many reasons.  And for that I am eternally grateful.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Kermit told us it’s not easy being green, but the witch in the Broadway play Wicked embraced her green skin. At the end of the rainbow we are told we will find a pot of gold after seeing a dazzling array of colors. If we are depressed we are in a blue mood. Nature paints the world with it’s color-wheel. The sun is mellow yellow. The grass is green with buttercups and clover. The sky is blue with billowing white clouds. The oceans are blue or green depending on which coast you live. Flowers appear in a multitude of hues. The months have color and birthstones attached. So do the seasons. February is about hearts and the color red. March about St. Patrick and green. May, June and July are about patriotism and red, white and blue. October and November  are about the changing color of the leaves in reds, yellows and oranges... where pumpkins dot the landscape. December is about holly, ivy, pine and greenery  all wrapped in big red bows. People usually have a color they gravitate towards. I love purple without the Red Hats or Barney. And turquoise is special to me too. (probably because of my love for Native American lore and jewelry.) Most of my clothing nowadays reflects these color preferences.  My hair used to be dark before it turned white and my eyes are black, so purple and turquoise compliment my complexion. But there’s another color in my life that is prevalent too. The color orange and I... go way back. But I really do not know why? I’m not particularly fond of it. Perhaps it was my mothers doing. Maybe it’s a color she liked. Or maybe she asked me what color I preferred as a 2 year old... and because I was eating a tangerine... I said orange. Believe it or not… that color ruled the day as I was growing up. ORANGE was the color of my childhood. My bedroom walls were orange. My bedroom furniture was painted orange. My curtains were orange. I ate ORANGE sherbet. And had ORANGE cake for my birthday. Even when I outgrew my parents house and went out on my own, the color still took a front seat.  I bought an orange mustang that belonged to an actress.  I ate orange scones. I decorate with a zillion pumpkins in the fall. I have a Himalayan Salt Lamp that glows orange at night that comforts me as it’s spreading ions throughout the house. And on and on the list goes. Is this a coincidence? Or deliberate? Orange always seems to pop up like it or not in my world, in some form. How do you color your world? What color speaks to you?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016



There was music.
My hubby serenaded me with
his rendition of the birthday song.

We had a celebration 
with lots of confetti
and some out of the ordinary gifts.

An authentic television script 
from a favorite show.
A vintage Russian Sci-Fi Book circa Sputnik.
A Hula Dancer figurine made of Lava.
An antique book of Hawaiian translations.
 a Peruvian Necklace...
a nostalgic STAR book mapping the galaxy
and a special CD from a 
beloved radio broadcast.

Of course there was also 
something scrumptious to eat
with BUTTERCREME frosting.

After the birthday girl had 
a cocktail.
It was GOOD to the last drop.

As you can see in the picture my texting 
and typing finger are having issues 
right now, so bear with me if I'm slower 
than usual posting or commenting.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


 set aside time to pause and remember

"With the tears a Land hath shed. Their graves should ever be green."

"The brave die never,
 though they sleep in dust:

Monday, May 23, 2016

PRETZELS rolling in the DOUGH

First time I ever went to a mall was back in the 60’s. I hitched a ride with two of my friends who were seasoned shopping pros, and their mom. I had never seen such  a thing. I was fascinated by all the stores being under one roof. With limited funds and so much to do, I was a tad bit overwhelmed.  But… I forged ahead making the best of this shopping experience. It was then I discovered Hot Sam Pretzels. They had a concession and my friends stopped there to buy some SOFT pretzels. Being a Synder’s pretzel girl, born and bred… hard pretzels were all I knew. But I was willing to experiment. And the price was right, cheap. This SOFT pretzel was bigger than a hand and smothered in salt. It looked yummy, indeed. But before I could leave the kiosk,  with this... new to me... bread creation, my friends insisted I slather it with mustard. I thought they were crazy as hell. “WHY,” was the question I asked. They said, “BECAUSE.”  “Because why, I wondered?  Turns out a soft pretzel TASTES scrumptious that way.  Really, truly… it does. Technically speaking... the reason was this... according to the internet... "spreading mustard on pretzels is how people from Philly, PA  eat them. This trend began in the 1920's with pretzels that were sold from hotdog stands or carts. The mustard covered up the blisters that salt forms on the surface of the dough from humidity and camouflaged the flaw." WHO KNEW? Who cares? A soft pretzel is the perfect snack food. Soft and chewy. It fills you up. It’s affordable. Can be eaten anytime, night or day. I was hooked.  I became a FAN, like the rest of the world.  They’re DELICIOUS. And I spent a considerable amount of my youth delighting in them. At some point though, I outgrew the snack.  Time marched on and I forgot about this culinary treat. Flash forward to today. It has been years since I’ve been to a mall. Once my kids left the nest, I had no reason to grace it’s door. But that changed…. when my hubby and I…. went in search of a protective cover for his cell phone.  It’s an older model. So after exhausting all other options, we headed to the mall where all the kids hang out. We figured there was bound to be a cellphone cover there.  And we were right, there was. Found a GREAT deal and LAID our money down. (another story for another time) As we were heading towards the mall exit, pleased with our purchase…. I noticed an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel kiosk. A smile spread across my face... from cheek to cheek.  Not a Hot Sam’s... but a PRETZEL joint of these MODERN times. We joined the long line and ordered a couple SOFT pretzels. One for mustard. And one with sweet almonds for dessert. My hubby and I grabbed a table and sat down watching mall traffic. I became awash in memories. A LOT has changed at the mall… but the taste of a SOFT pretzel remains delectable and is MONEY (dough) in the BANK  for those that sell them.

(If only my old teeth could chew like they once did)

PS) Please ignore the discoloration in text and background above. Can not get blogger to cooperate.

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Monday, May 16, 2016


(Click on picture to enlarge)

Our daily routine has become staid and mediocre at best. I had BIG plans for my birthday this year. It’s a MILESTONE one. We were ecstatic. A BUCKET LIST trip to someplace my husband and I have never been before. The intent was to let loose. Be ourselves and have fun. “Before my numbers up, I’m going to fill my cup. I’m going to  live until I  die.” We wanted to capture ocean breezes and breathe fresh air.  Do a little sightseeing. And just rejuvenate. But all of that is now on hold. Sh!t happens. And it did BIG time here on the home front. Someone very dear to us... is now in the throes of getting a divorce. It has been gut wrenching to watch. The meaning of MENTAL CRUELTY does not begin to describe what has happened to her. In good conscience I can not contemplate the notion of a celebration at this time, much less an adventure into the unknown... for any of us.  So for now, my husband and I... STAY PUT. And… we help her deal with the mess this man has made of her life. LOVE comes. Love goes. It endures. After she made a twenty year investment in a future that is no longer on the horizon... I’m hoping time will heal her broken heart and her empty bank account. Please say a prayer that she finds her way… on this new journey she is faced with… to rebuild her life. She has a long row to hoe. But I want her to know she is not alone.

(click on picture to enlarge)

A few songs on my mind today…

I have always been more touched by lyrics than melodies.

I'm Gonna Live Till I Die

That's Life

WARNING there will be a STUPID commercial 
for some awful movie at the beginning 
of the next two songs. Get past it and 
this song is beautiful.

Like I'm Gonna Lose You 

And this one is just plain FUN.

Dear Future Husband