Monday, November 11, 2019


When one thing happens, another follows. A couple weeks ago my phone stopped working. I had all my calls forwarded to my husband’s phone. Got by like that for a week, but it was frustrating. I liked my phone and didn’t want to get something new because you have to go through that learning curve all over again. Well push came to shove and I had no choice. I had to get a new phone. I felt uncomfortable without one. There was insurance on it so we made a call to see what they would give us as a replacement. I had a Samsung Note 4 and they said they would replace it with a Note 5. The only problem was they couldn’t back up my text messages on the new phone. And my 4,000 photos were a problem too. These two things were non-negotiable. I had messages from my dad (who died in April) I wanted to keep. Plus I had my daughter’s and grandchildren’s messages dating back 4 or 5 years. So I declined the replacement because they would confiscate the old phone. I wanted to keep it. Besides the Note 5 wasn’t the newest model and that bothered my husband. He said it was time to upgrade. So I began looking at other options. Smart phones are not cheap. Most are in the 700 dollar range. That was a bit costly. But, they were running a special half price event, on one or two models, and I decided to take a look-see. Neither was a Samsung, so that made me leery because that was the brand I always worked with. But one of them had an Android system, which is what I’m accustomed too, so that’s the one I decided to devote my attention too. It was a Google Pixel 3.The lady at the store gave me a quick tutorial and that’s the phone I picked. I told her I needed the text messages and photos from my Note 4 and she said she’d see what she could do. She backed up my photos to the cloud as well as my phone but it took overnight to do it. Then when we came back the next day, she did the same thing to my text messages. But again it wasn’t straightforward. She tried all kinds of different apps until she got one that worked. I was relieved.  Finally I had a phone. And all of my texts and photographs too. But when I got the new phone home, away from the store, I had a terrible time figuring out how to do anything. I couldn’t remember what the sales associate told me. It was not intuitive. And there was no instruction book to help me. That meant going online to try to find help. I was devastated. Here I had a new phone but I couldn’t use it. It was worthless. I cried, ranted and felt just miserable. I hated it. I wanted my old phone back. My husband said to give it time. I didn’t want to. I wanted it to work now. After a day or two ignoring it, I picked it up again and started experimenting until I got the hang of it. Eventually everything fell into place. And now I’m a happy camper. I still have missteps where I forget how to do something. But there are less and less of those moments as time wears on.  Have you ever been so frustrated you thought there was no end in sight?

Monday, October 21, 2019


I am sorry I stopped blogging. I have had a tumultuous year thus far. Shortly after my father died, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend also died. He had needed a liver transplant and simply couldn’t hold out any longer. He was 45 years old. My daughter was devastated. A month or so later my younger daughter told me and my hubby she was going to undergo surgery for a lump in her breast and a spot on her ovary. Fortunately neither was cancer. But she has another large spot on her lungs that still needs to be investigated. And it will be at the end of this month. Just as things were starting to get back to normal we got a call from the hospital asking us to get there right away. When I arrived I was met by two hospital chaplains who took me into a room with about 10 doctors and nurses as my older daughter was seizing in the bed. She asked for a priest though she’s not Catholic. The doctor in charge told me he wasn’t going to let her die. She had suffered a heart attack a couple days before and had not told us and was now hanging by a thread. She survived but the stress of the whole thing was taxing. There were many tests and things she had to go through before she got the all clear. My hubby and I stayed by her side and took care of our grandchildren while she recovered. During that time my husband got sick, his back and stomach pain increased and he had to go to the doctor. He has five blown discs in his back and needs surgery. He has COPD so that may be a problem having surgery. And they told him because he’s 80 it might take up to a year to recover and that the surgery could make the pain worse and he might become paralyzed. For the time being he’s opted not to have the surgery. Meanwhile, I got a pain in my lower buttocks making walking and climbing stairs near impossible. The MRI shows I have degenerative arthritis in my lower spine particularly at the s1 joint. The pain is excruciating. It feels like someone stabbed me with a knife and is rooting around in there. As a result I have spent most of the past four months in bed. I go to the doctor this week to see where we go from here. Unfortunately the following week on October 28th I’ve been summoned for jury duty. Because of my health at the moment I’m trying to get out of it. I won’t be able to climb the stairs at the courthouse and may not be able to walk around to the ramp which is quite the distance away. I have been saying my prayers everyday that this bad streak hitting me and my family goes away. It’s been weighing on our emotional and physical well being since my dad died back in April. There was no summer vacation or spring break, only one thing after another piling up. I have been reluctant to write about all my problems figuring you don’t need to hear them. But truth be told I miss you guys and really could use some extra prayers sent my way. Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


 I am deeply saddened. It is with a heavy heart, I tell you, my father passed away this week. There won’t be a funeral or viewing. So I won’t have a chance to say that final goodbye. I am grateful I had a nice phone conversation with him the night before he passed. I will always treasure that. My dad was one of a kind. He was a veteran. A Navy man. He was witty and wise, highly opinionated. He loved his family with all his heart. He kept up with technology navigating a smart phone and the internet.  He never missed a New Years Eve or birthday without calling.  He would call at exactly 2pm (the time I was born) for my birthday every year and at midnight for New Years Eve.  He worked in the television business for over 40 years. He saw a lot of changes in this old world.  I will miss skyping and text messaging with him. I love you daddy. Rest in peace.

Monday, April 1, 2019


I like to eat out, but my husband doesn’t. He prefers to stay home and throw something together from the fridge.  The other night he opted to make soup. Not in the mood for soup I told him I was going out. I debated where to go. We don’t have a big selection of restaurants in our town to choose from. So I narrowed it down to Olive Garden and Red Lobster. Both are pretty pricey places but I had gift cards and decided to splurge. It has been a difficult three or four months here on the home front due to health issues for me, my husband and younger daughter. So I thought going out to eat would benefit me emotionally.  I decided seafood was calling to me and picked Red Lobster as my go to place. That meant driving across town. I got there around 7:30pm. It was relatively full. People were out celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. And I suddenly missed my husband. What was I doing here alone? They seated me in a booth, instead of at a table... which was more intimate and private. I slowly looked at the menu cover to cover to see what I wanted. And being a gal from the east coast I opted for the crabcake dinner. It came with a salad and cost $20.45 plus an additional  $3.79 for a Dr. Pepper. My gift card would cover the bill and I would leave cash for the tip. So I settled into my surroundings and began to text my best friend. She is the one who gave me the gift card at Christmas. After 15 minutes or so the salad arrived and I heartily began to eat. I enjoyed the boisterous conversation from the tables around me. One woman was there celebrating her 96th birthday. That was impressive indeed. When my crabcakes arrived I was ready for them. I took my time savoring each and every bite.  It reminded me of being back home where I grew up, which is so very far away. And for a moment or two... I was homesick for the ocean. But, I quickly gathered my emotions, so I didn’t burst out crying. It will be a long time before I get back there due to health concerns with my husband.  By now most everyone in the restaurant had left. It was my turn to leave too. I reached for the gift card but it wasn’t there in my wallet. I apparently left it back at the house on my way out the door. I knew my husband would be mad if I paid for that kind of meal with the debit card. Especially since I was dining alone.  But what choice did I have? Just then the waiter came over and told me the most unexpected thing. He said I could leave anytime I wanted to... because the gentleman and woman sitting behind me, had paid my bill before they left, and had taken care of his tip. I was flabbergasted. He said they thought I looked like a nice lady. Imagine that? I owed nothing due to the kindness of strangers. They were my angels in disguise. Paying it forward, I left the waiter a few more dollars. Sometimes you’re in the right place... at the right time... to be reminded about the goodness of people .  I won’t soon forget these kind folks. They made my day. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019


When my daughters were little girls I sent them to knitting classes so they could learn to knit. They did it for about a year, then lost interest. It saddened me. But I understood their reluctance to continue and let any feelings I harbored about it, GO. Four decades have passed since that time and I thought knitting was a hobby now behind my daughters. So imagine my delight, when my youngest daughter, (who is now in her middle forties) gave me a gorgeous hat for Christmas. It was my favorite color too. What made it extra special was the fact she knitted it especially for me. Here I thought she forgot how to knit. But was pleasantly surprised to find out she had recently picked up the hobby again. She travels a lot so it helps fill in the gaps. Do you have a hobby you left behind and rediscovered?

Friday, December 21, 2018


Christmas Trees are mesmerizing. Decorated or not. Of all sizes, colors  and shapes. Their pretty lights glisten and glow in the darkness and daylight. When I was a little girl my parents gave me a miniature tabletop top tree I would put on a nightstand next to my bed. It had sweet red lights and a yellow star that kept me company before I fell asleep each night during the holiday season. That tiny tree still holds it’s magic for me even though the battery compartment stopped working long ago and the tree no longer lights up. Nowadays I keep Christmas close to my heart year round by keeping my tree up in the family room. It has white lights.  I used to like white lights on my tree but as I’ve gotten older I find more comfort and joy in the old fashioned multi-colored lights. This year I bought a narrow 5 ft, tree  for my living room. It replaces an old silver tree I had there in previous years. The new tree is flocked with snow and  pine cones. It sits on top of a game table and fits perfectly in my window for viewing outside. I can’t tell you the joy I feel when I see it each day. It reminds me of the wonderment I felt as a child all those years ago.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Summer still has a few more weeks to go on the calendar. But autumn has arrived full throttle. It is my favorite time of year. Temperatures went down into the 60’s yesterday. Everywhere you go you see pumpkins and Halloween stuff. I even got my first taste of pumpkin pie for the season ahead of schedule. Yum. Yum.