Thursday, April 29, 2010


Being retired, I like to sleep in. It is one of the few luxuries I afford myself. This morning I was all comfy, cozy in my bed... when I awoke, to the drone of a riding mower outside. The engine rattled and rumbled at an obscene decibel level. Seems my neighbor decided to cut his lawn. How dare his chores interfere with my guilty pleasure. I glanced at the clock. It was 7:45 am. Give me a break. It was way too early, in my book, to be doing work of this magnitude. But, nonetheless… there he was, puttering around…. cutting away, disturbing my beauty rest and slowly driving me crazy. It would take him at least an hour to finish it. I wasn’t sure I could handle the noise for that long. I have treasured the SOUNDS OF SILENCE, long before Simon and Garfunkel, wrote about them. Besides, Mr. Neighbor had already cut his grass on Monday afternoon. And now, early on Thursday morning, here he was, at it again. Surely it hadn’t grown that much in three days time. Why on earth would he cut it again? What is the man’s problem? Then it hit me. He was panicking. Impending rain. The weather forecast called for stormy weather all weekend. So he was cutting ahead of some self imposed deadline. Still seems pretty ridiculous to cut so soon, after, you first did it. Why not wait a full week, like we do? Then the grass will show some real growth. Let those dandelions break the surface exposing their bright yellow buds. Pick them, make some wine. Let the spreading clover invite the honeybees for a tryst. Seriously, kick your shoes off and ENJOY nature, instead of whipping it into shape. I’m going back to sleep. A little R&R never hurt anyone. I’ll cut the grass, when I get to it, and not a second before… rain or shine.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I love fresh fruit. I call it Nature’s Candy. So I indulge myself whenever I can. With spring here and summer rapidly approaching, more kinds of fruit become readily available at the local grocery store. Strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, blackberries, mangoes, pears, watermelon, raspberries, pineapple, blueberries, clementines, apples, plums, peaches and grapes are all delectable. But because of certain medications my hubby and I take, grapefruit is off limits. We love grapefruit juice, but have had to learn to adapt to life without it. Did you notice what else is missing from the list? Bananas. I have a self imposed ban on them here at my house. Why, you might ask? What could possibly be wrong with bananas. They’re a great source of potassium. And taste delicious when smashed with peanut butter and smeared on bread. The trouble is one of my cats LOVES bananas more than I do. Bananas are just NOT cat friendly, so it isn’t safe for her to eat them. She’ll attack the bunch, wherever I put it, and start chewing on the peels, breaking through to the pulp. There is no place I can hide the fruit. She can sniff it out, from a mile away. I tried putting them in the cupboard and she found a way to open the door, to get to them. Even though they don’t belong in the refrigerator, I once hid them there. She stood by the door meowing because she knew they were in there. It drives me bonkers. So, I just don’t buy bananas anymore, to avoid the problem. I miss them, though. It’s tough for me to give up something I like so much. What I won’t do, for the love of a BANANA CRAZY cat.

Friday, April 16, 2010


On a whim… I typed the name of a long lost friend into a search engine, last week. We lost touch when we both moved from a quaint suburban town in Pennsylvania. It has been twenty-three years since I last saw her and her family And suddenly there, at the click of a mouse… was her current address, phone number and family photos. My heart skipped a beat. Previous searches had left me empty-handed, with no information. But this time around, I had found her. I was gobsmacked. She had moved again. Scanning the photos on FLICKER, I rejoiced at seeing familiar faces, even though they had aged. There she was… with her husband, sons, daughter and grandchildren. They all stared back at me from the computer screen. Time stood still. Memories flooded forward. I met her when I was a newbie to the neighborhood. She knocked on my front door and literally said, “Avon calling.” We became steadfast friends, from that first encounter. Her younger boys took piano lessons with my daughters. And... her oldest girl, babysat for mine. We were bowling buddies, lunch and dinner companions too. It was a sad day, when the moving van, packed us up, to go. My family headed to Ohio, and hers, to somewhere in Kentucky. I lost her new address… so I sent letters to the old address, hoping they would be forwarded, but I never heard back. Now all these years later… there she was via the internet. I was so happy to see her smiling face again. The question is… do I call or write to reestablish contact. I’m a little scared to pick up the phone. A voice from the past could be accidently rejected. So… I decided to sit down and write her a nice long letter. I’ll tell her everything that’s happened to me, in the past decade or two and hopefully she’ll reciprocate. I’m not sure how I’ll be received after all this time. But I have to make an effort to try and rekindle the friendship. Meanwhile… I’m loving my computer and all this newfangled technology.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The seal around the windshield in our minivan worked loose. My husband could tell something was wrong when he heard a loud whooshing sound as he was driving. Then he saw the rubber gasket flapping around the window. He got home in time, before it completely came out. He tried to squeeze it back in, but it wouldn’t stay put. So… he parked the van in the driveway, and that’s where it’s sat, for the past couple weeks. Due to his busy work schedule, he couldn’t take it in to be fixed last week. And then because of the holiday weekend, the shop was closed. An appointment has been made for the coming weekend, so hopefully it works out. Instead of taking it to the car dealer… who wanted an arm and a leg to even LOOK at it…. he’s decided to take it to an auto glass place to be repaired. They told my husband on the phone… that to FIX the seal, they’ll probably have to replace it… which means taking the windshield out. And… they WARNED him… the windshield MIGHT break, when they do this. Which means… we’ll have to PAY for a brand NEW windshield. Guess that’s how they make their money… REPLACING WINDSHIELDS, not seals. Don't think our auto insurance will cover it? We have a $200-300 deductible. Oh well, it‘s always something… money in, money out. Good thing we have a spare vehicle to drive, or this would be a bigger deal, than it already is.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


At long last… it’s time to say goodbye to those comfy, cozy flannel sheets… I love on my bed… on cold, cold nights. No more heavy coats to weigh me down, when I’m out and about, either. Time to pull the warm weather clothes out of mothballs in the closet. And get the lawnmower, gassed, oiled and ready to roll. No doubt about it. Spring has sprung. Temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, this week, clinched the deal. Flowers are blooming. Birds chirping. And every night at dusk, predictable as a clock, and regardless of the weather… a cute little BUNNY RABBIT scurries out into my yard to munch on growing grass. Meanwhile... I've got to decorate the eggs. I'm suddenly craving PEEPS and jellybeans. It MUST be spring. A time to REJOICE, and a time for RENEWAL. And... a time to INDULGE in... everything chocolate.