Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sitting here doing what I love to do. Having a cup of hot tea. I'm anticipating a snowstorm in a couple days. So says the weatherman. Depending on the track it takes we could get 4-6 inches, 1-3 inches or freezing rain. Compared to other places this is not a big deal. But for us it is. So I watch and wait.  It has been a crazy winter. What's with this season's storms now being given names??? Tornados and hurricanes, I understand. But if every snowstorm has one it'll get silly, don't you think? Just random questions boggling my mind.  What are you thinking about today?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013



I am back. Never really left. Just started doing other stuff, none of it too important. And as a result let the blog reading and writing slide. I confess I did not miss it at first. It was like a large weight off my shoulders. Then as time slipped away it got easier and easier to just ignore the blogging. So I did. And slowly but surely other things replaced it. I started cutting back portion sizes for meals and being creative in the kitchen with a tighter budget. I also started to window shop more than buy and that meant walking around stores. I scooted less. A funny thing happened,. Before I knew it, I had lost alot of weight. About 120 lbs to be exact. That meant a new wardrobe, undergarments etc. My creative side knows NO bounds. The problem is now that it is in place... I got the old longings for the old way of life. The familiar food and the old me.  And I started to miss you all.  So that's where I'm at, right now.  I'm struggling with not gaining the pounds back and I'm trying to reconnect. It will not be like before. This new approach has legs and I'm sticking with it. But I wanted to touch base and say hello. Did you miss me? be honest???