Friday, November 28, 2014


Although I'm an avid shopper, we didn't want to brave the Black Friday crowds. So at 9:30pm on Thanksgiving evening, the husband and I... got in the van,  and headed out to the store to see what Thanksgiving Day specials we could find. Stores here were rolling out the deals starting at 6pm and 8pm. So... we thought there could be some stuff left over from those promotions. After all, the big sales extravaganza was just getting started. We also figured the crowds might have thinned out, that late in the day. We were wrong. It was a circus. My hubby chickened out, at the last minute, and opted to stay in the getaway van, outside. So I bravely ventured inside, alone. It was like a maze. It seemed like there was no way out, once you were in. People were everywhere, huffing and puffing, in a frenzied hurry. Aisles were blocked. It was hard to navigate your way around. But I remained patient, focused on my goal and looked for what I came to get. Bargains were in abundance in every department. Some things had been picked over but most were still there for the taking. However, the heater fireplace I wanted, was sold out. That disappointed me, but what are you going to?  Getting there first... to grab one... is the name of this shopping game. So... some lucky people... will be putting their feet up, enjoying it's warmth and I won't. But... this may surprise you, I'm happy for them.  I really am. Life goes on even if you lose out. Shopping is a sport. So, onward I trudged.  Then... out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Queen sized comforter with pillow shams and bed skirt. Not on my list. Price $34. I nabbed it. I can use it come spring. I did a VICTORY lap. I then called my hubby on the cellphone, reading him descriptions of things he might need. But he passed. He wants a FIT BIT or something like it. None were to be had. A moment after he hung up, though... I saw a display of SanDisk SDHC cards 16GB. Only ten were left.  I scooped up four. No need to be greedy. Leave some for someone else. In the stores here, depending where you shop, they retail for $14.98-$16.98 a piece. These were $5. Made my day. The ones I had in my camera were full. I take alot of photographs. Unfortunately, none to document my adventures shopping, because I had not yet bought new cards. Anyway... MISSION IMPOSSIBLE became MISSION COMPLETE, once I explored every square inch of that store, however, painstaking it was.  I was done shopping. Took an hour. I had survived this Turkey Day experience. I carefully wormed my way to the register to pay.  My hubby had the van ready and waiting outside.  It was toasty warm, though the snow was falling and so were the temps. The only thing left on my plate for the evening was to have a piece of pecan pie. YUM! YUM! My advice to those of you venturing out on Black Friday, next year. Have fun.

Sunday, November 23, 2014





Monday, November 17, 2014


I hate to bring up bodily functions, BUT it's a topic we all deal with, in one way or another, right? For the record, my husband and I have been known to plug up the toilet, now and then... as did our daughters, when they were growing up. But... we handily... took care of business, more times than not, with a simple plunger... instead of enlisting the help of a plumber, who would have broke the bank. So... imagine the big smile on my face when I saw this red plunger Christmas Tree at Big Lots. 

It really made my day. I feel you have to have a sense of humor in life. It's what gets you through, the good times and bad. I immediately rushed to the register with this quirky tree,  knowing it would be the perfect Christmas decoration for our hall bathroom, which is done up in a cabin motif. 

What do you think? Do humor and Christmas go together? 

Saturday, November 1, 2014