Thursday, September 8, 2016


Whenever we go out to eat... my husband has the bad habit of picking up the check. That shouldn’t be an unwelcome thing. It’s generous to have someone TREAT you to a nice dinner out. BUT when the waiter or waitress puts the check on the table, my husband has a tendency to grab it, fold it up and place it in his front pocket next to his cellphone. And then... promptly forgets it is there. (unless I remind him. Which does make me a bit of a nag) What follows is very embarrassing, if he doesn’t hear me prompt him to take care of it. He simply walks out of the restaurant without paying for what we just ate. Distracted by age, perhaps his bladder or conversation with me... we walk to the car, get in and drive away. Then suddenly somewhere down the road, it DAWNS on him. OOPS. Big mistake. Oh sh!t. I forgot to pay. So he makes a frantic call to the restaurant... telling them he accidently skipped out on the bill, without making long winded explanations or BIG apologies. Sometimes they take the credit card information over the phone. MISSION accomplished. And other times we have to show back up and take care of it in person. I usually b!tch and complain... what was he thinking? He says he just forgot. It really is only an inconvenience to himself. Though, the register for the restaurant... will come up short at the end of the day, if the transaction is not accounted for. Personally,  I always leave with the check in hand so it can not be overlooked or I pay directly at the table.  But in many cases because you have to take the check to a cashier near the entrance of a place...  that means you have no choice but to gawk at the wares they are selling… and can easily become distracted with something, other than the cash in hand… for the meal. 

In the end, they always get paid, when he forgets. Obligation fulfilled. No HARM done. And we always get a good chuckle out of this turn of events. Has this ever happened to you? 

PS) Note showing up in the BLOGGER feed once again.  What's up with that????