Monday, June 1, 2020

God Help Us All.

during these 
Police Brutality
is NEVER okay.
In my life,
I've felt the brunt of it.
There are MORE than
a few bad apples.
A militarized police force
is NOT helping.
They've become 
What is happening 
to Blacks and 
the Mentally Ill
at the hands of cops
across this 
country, is wrong,
it is criminal.
And needs to be addressed.
George Floyd
deserved better.
He was murdered.
We must not allow
this kind of injustice to stand.
are being undermined.
looting and burning 
down all that's been built up
over the decades.
More violence is
the answer.
Those that are  
tearing it all down
with their actions,
brings tears to my eyes.
This is not just Antifa 
as some would like us to believe. 
It is all the
crippling our country right now,
throwing wrenches into 
otherwise peaceful demonstrations.
The White Supremacists,
 White Nationalists and 
Neo Nazi's are out in full force
carrying their political signs
and spewing their hatred,
as they instigate this unrest.
They are the ones responsible. 
Americans are vulnerable,
they are hurting
and they are hurting
real bad, right now.
We are at a crossroads
as a nation.
We have been fighting 
a killer called 
Covid19, with thousands dead.
We have economic despair,
millions unemployed
and now this happens.
There is no leadership
only partisan divide.
We need unity,
not divisiveness,
not threats of more violence
by invoking
martial law, 
and calling people to arms
over second amendment rights,
so ‘authoritarianism’ rules...
as military tanks and helicopters
line our skies and streets.
This is America.
First Amendment rights count too.
All of us working together
can overcome this systemic racism.
America has lost 
her moral compass, it is true...
but we are better than this.
And we SHALL overcome.



jack69 said...

Well written sweet lady and 'out of the park'. The one statement 'We have lost our moral compass', well chosen. Prayers for a better tomorrow.
Love you lady
Sherry & jack

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well said. We must give peace a chance. The power of love can overcome.

Mevely317 said...

Praying for peace!

Practical Parsimony said...


Red Rose Alley said...

Taryterre, this quote by Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorite quotes around. I used it early on when we first started blogging, and it still touches my heart today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us, Taryterre.


Buttercup said...

Thanks, Terre. I'm with you and even in our stay at home mode and curfew we can share the power of love. Take good care!