Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter, Passover, Jelly Beans & Christmas

Even though we celebrate all holidays… For decades, I have kept my Christmas décor up,  year round. I suppose it’s because my godparents did. As a small child I was delighted to see their tree and lights up…  in middle of summer, when it was 95 degrees, in the shade. Or in fall, before it became fashionable to celebrate the Christmas season that early. I swore when I grew up, I too would celebrate Christmas everyday. And I have,  for quite a long time. Too many years to count. Our tree and lights helped to get us through the pandemic, in the past year.They were a source of hope.  And, as they lit up inside, they also lit up outside, so our neighbors… were comforted by their glow too. I noticed one of our neighbors... joined us,  keeping their Christmas tree and lights on... and shining until well after Valentines Day. I was sad when they finally pulled the plug. I used to watch those multi-color lights in the distance… dance in the wind and paint the snowscape, as I sat in my armchair looking out the window. It reminded me… we were all ‘muddling through somehow’. And… that maybe next year,  things would be better. Well here we are. And though now, I only see darkness out there in the boulevard.  I no longer feel despair. Having gotten my second dose of the Covid vaccine… hope springs eternal for the future. So a few days ago, sitting in my family room, I did something a-typical for me. I began taking down Christmas everywhere in the house. It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.  And, instead of red, green and Santa…  I wanted pastel colors. And bunnies, bunnies everywhere. And eggs.  I went on a frantic search for my vintage egg collection… that hasn’t seen the light of day since  9/11. Unfortunately, they are packed away someplace where I can’t find them. So, they will not be on display this year as I intended. Instead, we hard boiled some eggs, and decorated them in uplifting colors.  And then... will eat egg salad sandwiches for a week.  Meanwhile, I found a few bunnies that fit the bill for decor duty.  And a Tom Clark gnome called EggBert. So these treasures are now scattered about the house. I’m tickled seeing them again. Though, they don’t add up to the multitude of rabbits, I originally envisioned... when something got in my crawl, to upend our lives by un-decorating for Christmas. The high point of that day, was getting out the small baskets I used, once upon a time, for Easter. As I was fluffing up the grass inside, I discovered some jelly beans. Being the connoisseur of candy, that I am. And also being the keeper of the 5 second rule. Without nary a thought, I plucked a few out of the faux grass they were hiding in... and plopped them right into my mouth. And… to the utter amazement of my spouse, I didn’t keel over in a pile, dead on the living floor, from food poisoning... despite the jelly beans being many, many years old. And guess what?  They were NOT stale either. The jelly beans were absolutely, positively, delectable. No kidding. Though… BEWARE. I advise you to do this, ONLY at your own RISK. PROMISE me folks! In closing…  I want to wish ALL of my family, friends and blog buddies a very Happy Easter.  And to those who celebrate Passover. I hope your Seder’s have been wonderful. We attended a couple virtual ones, ourselves. They were quite uplifting.

I'll be donning the EARS to celebrate Easter.

Our decorations are low-key

The basket below holds my lost eggs.
I still haven't found them. 

Good thing I took a photo.

And finally, here are our hard boiled eggs
to make some yummy egg salad.

And a little, not so subtle, commentary...

about the world we live in.


Hope things are back to normal soon.


Donna. W said...

Happy Easter! We waved our palm branches vigorously at the Methodist Church as we sang Easter songs yesterday for Palm Sunday

Practical Parsimony said...

I think I would like Christmas year round. I loved this post and pictures.

jack69 said...

WOW I do believe you have a light in your eyes and a lighter step. GREAT post, good read and nice pictures and graphics. AHHH and the thought of egg salad sandwiches brings back thoughts of years past. Besides the Religious side of Easter, I LOVED hunting eggs and knowing the sandwiches were coming.
Good stuff
Sherry & jack with a warm day in Florida
HAHAHA I just looked over at Sherry and told her of this," SHHHH I'm reading it now!"

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Easter! Things are not there yet, but we are getting there and everyone seems to be filled with hope and new life ! I'm feeling so relieved to be able to be out and about without fear anymore. I've seen some Easter Egg trees that are lit up like Christmas trees, maybe that is something new to consider. Lights to tend to give a glow of welcome.

Red Rose Alley said...

Tartyterre, the jelly beans probably were tucked away in the grass and held their freshness. I love your delightful Easter eggs, such pretty colors. Your Easter decor is simple and cute. I have minimal things around here too.
I really like that lady figurine. I am always looking for vintage figurines like that, and they are hard to find. I bet it felt good to put our all your Easter goodies. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling uplifted, you've been through quite a lot. That's a delightful photo of you with the bunny ears. Happy Easter to you, my dear friend.


Jon said...

I'm very seasonal-oriented. Christmas seems completely out of place to me after winter is gone. But I do love the colored lights, and could definitely keep them up all year long.

I really like soft pastel colors for spring - along with bunnies, chicks, flowers, and dyed eggs. I like all of your Easter decor - and those hard-boiled eggs are so pretty.
It's amazing that jelly beans are still edible after all those years!

Mevely317 said...

I LOVE this all! (Well, maybe not the jelly beans part -- hahaha). It truly broke my heart to un-Christmas our home, yet I still keep our faux fireplace going each early morning and after dark. So that helps. How I wish we had storage space to house a collection like yours!
Love this picture of you in the bunny ears!

PS - One of the ladies in our Bible study only took her tree down last week. Her daughter's been in prison the last 9 months so the whole family postponed Christmas until Shannon came home.

Unknown said...

Your hard boiled eggs came out really pretty. I have no doubt the jelly beans you found are so loaded with preservatives that you could put them away for many more years, bring them out and they would still be good. You could compromise, keep up your tree and decorate with Easter decorations and pastel lights. Just a thought since you love the lights on at night. We do too by the way. Happy Easter!

Susan said...

Hi Taryterre. Your Easter decorations are lovely. So happy for you. Hope your Easter is joyful. Sincerely, Susan

Buttercup said...

I love all of your decorations. I've still got the snowmen out, but I think you've inspired me to give them a rest. I'm getting Pep and Nessie ready for Easter and a pictures should go up on the blog today. Hope you're feeling better each day.
P.S. Be on the lookout!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, putting our Easter themed items has been uplifting for us as well. Although I did not keep the Christmas decos very long, only until early January, the winter snowmen were on the interior windowsill and outside our apt entry. They are long gone now and replaced by some $1 store bunnies and the sight of them does cheer me up as I walk inside. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter and happy spring because better days will be ahead...we need to believe that for sure!