Friday, December 21, 2018


Christmas Trees are mesmerizing. Decorated or not. Of all sizes, colors  and shapes. Their pretty lights glisten and glow in the darkness and daylight. When I was a little girl my parents gave me a miniature tabletop top tree I would put on a nightstand next to my bed. It had sweet red lights and a yellow star that kept me company before I fell asleep each night during the holiday season. That tiny tree still holds it’s magic for me even though the battery compartment stopped working long ago and the tree no longer lights up. Nowadays I keep Christmas close to my heart year round by keeping my tree up in the family room. It has white lights.  I used to like white lights on my tree but as I’ve gotten older I find more comfort and joy in the old fashioned multi-colored lights. This year I bought a narrow 5 ft, tree  for my living room. It replaces an old silver tree I had there in previous years. The new tree is flocked with snow and  pine cones. It sits on top of a game table and fits perfectly in my window for viewing outside. I can’t tell you the joy I feel when I see it each day. It reminds me of the wonderment I felt as a child all those years ago.