Sunday, June 25, 2017


Beauty can be found in simple things. And the joy something brings to one’s life can be priceless.  Tonight when I was headed out to my car after an unproductive store expedition I happened to glance down at my feet. There in the parking lot was the head of a rose that had been disconnected from it’s stem. Damaged... it lay there ignored by all the passerby’s except me. I instantly scooped it up off the ground... and found a place for it in my van’s cup holder... until I could get it home, and make a space for it on my computer desk,to admire it's beauty. The universe knew I needed a little 'pick me up' tonight. Who knew I'd find it in the form of a discarded flower? The pleasure this gift of nature has brought me is immeasurable. Have you ever found joy in something totally unexpected?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Finally it's been installed.
and we can get the first peaceful night of sleep
in many months.
After dealing with a break-in and arguing with the insurance company about who was going to pay for what and how much....
 we got our new front door.
The old one had been smashed in by a guy HIGH on DRUGS
trying to break into our house. 
And we were living with it's damage 
until our claim could be processed
and settled.
To say I'm relieved with a new door in place would be an understatement.
 is a better assessment.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


I noticed a blue heron flying parallel to our van as we went down a back road to the other side of town. It followed us for about a mile or so before crossing the road, in front of the vehicle and landing in a pond. It made me smile when he splashed down. Herons are always a good omen for me. When times are difficult and troubles seem to be piling up, I can always count on a heron to break the monotony and spread sunshine into my darkest corners by coming into my line of sight. In my world blue herons and deer are powerful creatures. What animal brings you good luck?