Tuesday, January 23, 2018


When we go shopping… my husband will often drop me off by the curb, before parking… so I can get a head start. It usually works out nicely.  But the other day it didn’t. I realized there was a problem the minute my foot hit the asphalt.  Something went crunch and I looked down to see a broken glass bottle. I carefully pushed it away with my foot. But the minute I took another step I felt something pierce the inside of my boot. A piece of the glass had wedged itself into the sole and was hurting me from the inside out. I got back inside the car to remove my boot. I didn’t know what I was going to do. We were a couple miles from home and this was more than an inconvenience. Fortunately for me… my husband happened to have a pair of channel locks in the car. They are like pliers only adjustable. Turns out there was just enough of the glass shard sticking out the bottom of my boot… and it was thick enough… for him to get a firm grip on it,  to pull it out,  without it breaking off. I held my breath praying it wouldn’t snap off and it didn’t. Problem solved. Have you ever had a freak accident happen to you? 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Like the rest of the country it has been so cold here. One night it got down to twelve below zero. This wasn’t including wind chills. On top of the frigid temps our electric blanket wasn’t working, So getting into bed each night was a real chore. Wearing layers didn't even work. Even the flannel sheets were cold. We decided it was time to get a new electric blanket. Our price point for a queen size was under $100. We also wanted dual controls because… how hot is hot… is something my husband and I don’t agree upon. He likes it considerably cooler than I do. But with temps dipping into the single digits and below outside, we both decided we needed something inside, to take the edge off. Dual controls would give us each control over the thermostat as it were. So buying this blanket was a done deal... if, we could meet that criteria and for the said blanket brand to get a favorable rating on Consumer Reports. WE figured we would have to look far and wide… but were surprised when we didn't have to. First place we looked… we found one for sale for $69.99 with dual controls. Needless to say... it came home with us. And soon our footsies were warm under the covers again. The only problem now… is to get the kitty cats from being glued to the bed, at night… since they discovered the new blanket and the warmth it’s emitting. Meanwhile the temperatures continue to fluctuate outside, warming up a bit. It’s suppose to be almost 60 degrees here one day this week… then dip back in the single digits at night the next day… with a bad storm settling in the region. What are you doing to beat the cold weather?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Buried deep inside my purse was a twenty dollar bill with a problem.  Part of it was missing. The bottom half had disappeared. Since this had never happened to me before, I wasn’t sure what to do about it. At first I thought I’d be able to spend it. But nobody would take it. So I decided to take it to the bank to get my spending power back. But the first bank I took it to wouldn’t exchange it for me. They told me I’d need the bottom half to get the 20 bucks. I thought that was ridiculous. They were a bank. Surely that wasn’t true, was it? If I had the bottom half I would just tape it together. They were saying the half of the bill I had was worthless. I couldn’t believe this was happening.  If I had gotten this in change, that meant somebody tried to stiff me. That made me feel like an unknowing dupe. What was I going to do? After careful consideration,  I opted to take  the damaged twenty to another bank.  At the second bank location... they happily took it, and exchanged it for a new crisp twenty. Needless to say... I was ecstatic. I got my buying power back. Has anything like this ever happened to you?