Friday, February 24, 2012


Today you hit a MILESTONE birthday, Dad. Because you didn’t want a fancy SOIREE or GIFTS. I have racked my brain with just how to celebrate this BIG occasion. On your 70th I posted a TRIBUTE to you on my website. I listed a few interesting factoids. "In the year you were born, 1932... unemployment was 24%. The cost of a postage stamp was two cents. Physicists split the atom for the first time. MGM ‘s Grand Hotel became a classic. And the Yankees won baseball’s prize for the best." I talked about how much you loved mom's SWISS STEAK, Spaghetti Westerns and the music of Hank Williams, Sr. I mentioned that you once threw a snowball, through the local church’s stained glass window... when you were a kid... much to the chagrin of the Parish priest and nuns. You’ve always been a handful. Ask mom. That HALO on your head has needed polishing from time to time. But to your credit, you have nurtured friendships that have spanned more than 7 ½ decades. You also LOVE your country, having served in the Navy. As a TV guy you have had your share of memorable moments. You have met famous people, some not so famous. None of that phased you. You have been on the sidelines of major sporting events. Football in particular. Though, I remember you snagging some cool VIP seats at a couple of baseball games, back in the day. As a toddler I had a bat and ball in my hand before I could walk. You were grooming me for a spot on the HOME team. Then my brother came along and he got the position. But I didn’t fret. I was on to the next thing. We used to get up at the crack of dawn to drive you to work. We only had ONE vehicle back then. Driving to the city was always fun, except for the morning I threw up in the backseat. Didn’t mom empty your lunchbag for that purpose. Do you remember that? Speaking of driving… When I was learning to drive, I suddenly FROZE, stopping right in the middle of a busy expressway. Cars whizzing past at lightening speed. You calmly opened the passenger door, got out and replaced me in the driver’s seat. When we got home you finally exploded about how we both could have been killed. But it wasn’t in the cards, was it? We’re still here, the pair of us. So many stories, Dad. Not enough space here to rehash them all. If we had the time, we could reminisce for hours. We wanted to do that. The plan was to drive back there to the East Coast and take you to dinner and be at your side to blow out the candles on your cake. But suddenly I had to babysit for grandchildren at the last minute. My hubby started sneezing, got a fever, runny nose, sore throat and chills. Then snow was predicted. But we were hopeful. So we sat on the plan to see how things played out, later in the week, hoping for the best. Instead things got worse. Grandkids are a handful. It wore me out, but good. Hubby feeling more miserable than ever. Then if all that weren't enough, my right knee gave out... putting me in excruciating pain all over again, making walking difficult at best. (I know, I need surgery. No lectures please.) I'm really mad our best efforts were thwarted. Life wouldn’t cooperate. We couldn’t make the trek back there, melting all those miles between us. We are stuck here. You are stuck there. And it’s your 80th birthday. What a bummer we can’t all be together. It saddens me more than you know. So now we are going to have to improvise. SKYPE will help. So be prepared for an online visit, instead. OKAY! Thank GOD for the internet. It’s the next best thing to being there. Throughout the years, you’ve encountered the BEST of times and the WORST of times, DAD. In fact... you were so teeny tiny, on the day you were born... they bundled you up and placed you inside a shoebox... then placed it in an open dresser, thinking you wouldn’t make it through the night. But you HELD your own, didn't you? And SURPRISE, SURPRISE... here you are... all these years later, going strong. " HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY, DAD." The COGITATION today is... "How OLD would you BE, if you didn’t KNOW how OLD you were?" Do you have an answer? Something to contemplate as you head into this next decade. We LOVE you.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Weekends are usually slow around here. Not much to see or do... that we haven't ALREADY seen or done. With gas prices on the rise and no income coming in, except Social Security, we've been trying to stick close to home. It's positively BORING around here. So imagine our delight when we saw this unusual vehicle hanging around the parking lot of our local grocery store.
It definitely got our attention. And caught the eye of everyone passing by. We seriously wondered how they DRIVE that thing. Needless to say, they were promoting WEINERS from Oscar Mayer. FREE coupons for all.
The truth is we haven't had a weiner to eat in years. From what we hear there is nothing NUTRITIOUS inside them. Back in the day, however... they were a regular staple of our childhood diet. Where we come from they call them frankfurters or dogs, HOTDOGS. I would smother mine in yellow mustard with pickle relish inside a BIG bun. My husband on the other hand was partial to CONEYS... made with chili, onions, mustard, ketchup and red pepper relish.
We'd get them at the ballpark, the fair, our local hangouts and at home.
Oh the memories... All this talk about WEINERS made us hungry for a couple of FOOTLONGS. And since I had never had a CONEY... I figured I'd try one, at long last. Better late, than NEVER, right? What a Blast from the Past.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


In honor of Valentine's Day... Here are some of the lyrics to a song I adore called I GUESS I LOVE YOU written by Jack Murphy, music by Frank Wildhorn and recorded by Linda Eder. It's on her It's No Secret Anymore album. If you have NEVER heard of her, you are missing a real treat.(couldn't find a video of her singing this particular song, though) And just so you know, I paraphrased the lyrics, leaving some parts out. Let's just say I had my reasons and leave it at that. OK? It is a FUN song, a bit unconventional, but I think you'll like it. It comes from my heart. It is dedicated to all my blog buddies, friends, family, furbabies and last but not least, my hubby. HAPPY HEART DAY.

"I WANT you. What can I say?

I'm undeniably, reliably SINCERE that way

I NEED you... I must confess

The heart and soul of you, the whole of you

And nothing less.

'Cause when I'm near you

You pop the top off my thermostat

I guess I love you, that's that!

Why fight it...What can I do?

I am pathetically, genetically disposed to you

So take me... My heart's aflame

I'll be like Juliet who can't forget old what's-his-name

I guess I love you, like Santa loves his sled

Like "Blue Eyes" said: "You go to my head"

I want you... Haven't you heard?

I'm exponentially, essentially...Oh, what's the word?

I need you...Will I let go?

I'll be redundantly redundant... NO, no, no, no, no!

'Cause since I FOUND you

My life is one sappy, HAPPY mess.

How do I want you?

How do I need you?

How much do I love you?

Just guess."

PS) I was going to end my post on the picture above. But in light of recent news, I changed my mind.  When I first heard the song THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL it touched my soul. It was such an inspiration. Whitney Houston may you Rest in Peace. Your VOICE, that AMAZING voice,  will be missed by us all.


Sunday, February 5, 2012


I come from a long line of sport lovers. But my husband is NOT into sports of any kind, unless it’s The Olympics. Therefore he does not follow basketball, baseball, or football on a regular basis. He has no team in the game. Throughout the years... we’ve done a wide variety of things... on SuperBowl Sunday... to pass the time, while everyone else partied. But MOSTLY we did NOT watch the game, under any circumstances. Having grown up with sports as part of my weekend ritual, this no participation rule of his, IRKED me. I began to feel like we, as a couple, were on the outside looking in. CHAMPIONSHIP games were a BIG deal. I wanted to see them. EVENTUALLY, over the course of time, I got my husband to cave in. But... he had to justify WHY in his mind. We both LOVE the clever way businesses try to entice customers with their commercials. And since SuperBowl Sunday is when they UP the ANTE... we started to watch the BIG game, just so we could see the commercials and of course, the halftime entertainment... according to my husband. WHATEVER the reason, we were FINALLY watching... and that's all that mattered to me. For munchies, I would put out a bowl of chips, a fresh veggie platter, and that was it. But my hubby wasn’t happy with that. He wanted MORE. We couldn’t agree on what, though? He did NOT want to eat the same things I did. I was pulling out my hair trying to come up with a spread that satisfied us both. One complaint followed another, by him. I was FED up listening to it. Truth is... he didn’t really want to partake in this National Holiday of Sport, so he was being difficult... and THAT made me MAD. Football was something I always LOVED. So I snapped. "You take what you can get," I told him. "Or make your own." It got his attention. We made peace with each other. It was then, quite by accident… that my husband discovered that the local synagogue made CARRYOUT Brown Bag LUNCHES for Superbowl Sunday. It was their annual fundraiser. (The local churches did nothing.) Each meal included a DELI-STYLE Corned Beef sandwich, fresh potato salad, sauerkraut, and a mouthwatering dessert. My husband decided to give it a try. He LOVES his Corned Beef stacked high, slathered with brown mustard and a crisp dill pickle on the side. This Brown Bag Lunch fit the bill. It reminded him of his days growing up in the BIG city. So a NEW tradition at our house was born. For well over 20 years, my hubby has been going to Temple Beth Israel to get his DELI sandwich each SuperBowl Sunday. Thank you wonderful ladies for making my Chef duties easier and for keeping him happy, the past couple decades. I pass on getting the meal, myself...  no offense to anybody... because I HATE corned beef. Always have. Always will.  Therefore, I will be eating... Pioneer Woman, Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese. There will also be fresh fruit and veggie platters on the table. For the record, my husband NOW actually WATCHES the TEAMS spar. As for me, well I couldn’t be happier… I still ENJOY seeing all those TIGHT ENDS. That’s our GAME plan. What’s yours?