Saturday, September 25, 2010


My house is old. The doors and windows are outdated. The windows are especially bothersome because it’s hard to open them. Seriously, it’s a real struggle. But then, the funny thing is… once you get them up, they have to be propped open, with a stick, to stay in place or they‘ll fall down. Unbelievable. It’s a pain in the rear. Over the years I’ve learned to just keep them shut. If I want to enjoy fresh air, I just go outside on the patio. Because of the size variations, the old doors have been difficult to replace. The old windows, not so much. The problem with them is the cost. We have a lot of windows. And that’s not chump change we’re talking about, to get new ones installed. So we’re doing it piece meal. A few years ago, we were feeling a bit flushed and we opted to replace the front windows only. They LOOK wonderful. But in the two years, that followed installation, I had never opened the new windows, not once. Old habits die hard. I was so used to the OLD windows being there, I simply kept forgetting we had the new ones. But when the temperatures dipped… I surprised myself… by opening them for the first time. It was so easy. They stayed up, no sticks required. Imagine that? What a bang for the buck. The cool, fresh air permeated the interior of the house. The sound of sirens and cars whizzing past, added new background noise to our everyday existence. It was marvelous. I had forgotten how much I loved the smells and sounds of the outdoors, inside. Never has such a simple gesture been so well received. Even my hubby liked the difference. And without doubt, the cats loved the new windows, too. They sat in the bottom of them all day. From now on… the windows stay open, until the snow arrives. Now all we have to do, is find the money to replace the rest of them.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The official start to autumn is only a couple days away. But the thermometer here is supposed to read almost 90 degrees tomorrow. HOT! HOT! HOT! Not exactly the kind of weather to usher in the new season. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It can stay summer just a little bit longer. It’s just that I happen to LOVE autumn. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. The cooler, but not cold temps are a big part of it. Guess I’ll have to wait for them to arrive later. With Autumn Fever knocking on my door… I opened the big hope chest, behind my sofa, today… and took out all the fall decorations. After about an hour… my house was adorned with autumn d├ęcor. Pumpkins are sitting out and about, inside and out, my humble abode. They decorate end tables, kitchen and bathroom counters, the fireplace mantel, a faux wood burning stove and the front porch. A large LEAF wreath, greets visitors to my front door. And a burnt orange tablecloth covers my dining room table, with green leaf placemats. In years past, I would also decorate my windows and doors with leaf garlands, too. And I would string up orange lights to accentuate the autumn colors. My husband thinks all the decorating is silly. So I toned it back a bit, once the children were grown and gone. But there are grandchildren now, so I’m back at it. Just wait ’til Halloween.

Friday, September 17, 2010


When Hurricane Igor developed, I couldn’t help but pause, for a moment. It is the perfect name for a hurricane. IGOR. Just the name, evokes something FEARFUL. A scary notion if you have to batten down the hatches and evacuate your home. Luckily it doesn’t look like this storm is headed here to our shores. Although, we will probably get rough surf and strong rip currents from it‘s fury. But this ferocious storm does appear to be aiming straight for Bermuda. Landfall may be this weekend. While, I worry about the people in the path of this powerful hurricane… I can’t help but remember, with a smile, the significance of the name, to me, in my youth. As you all know, the name Igor is synonymous with horror flicks, particularly Frankenstein. That would give anyone reason to run for their lives. BUT not me. I feel a particular fondness for the name. Why? Because… Igor was also the name, of my high school sweetheart’s, Rock and Roll Band. I spent many an afternoon, or evening... in my teens, with my sweetie and the other members of IGOR, at rehearsals and gigs. Nothing scary about it. The boys knew how to put on a GREAT show. And I knew how to ENJOY myself, when they were ROCKING. Oh, the MEMORIES, we made. I could write a book. I haven’t seen those guys in over 35 years. I daresay, if the band was around today, the boys would be in awe of their current namesake. And they would be glued to the TV, following his every move. I know somewhere… my high school buddies, are out there… talking about the irony of all this, too. But like me, they are probably horrified by the potential devastation, lying in the wake, of this still deadly hurricane. Let’s hope it’s downgraded soon. But in the meantime, please put Bermuda in your prayers. And, by all means, ROCK ON.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Years ago, my cousin and her hubby, went into business selling SCRUBS to the general public. This was back during a time when nobody but doctors wore them. I can only imagine the dollar signs they’d be racking up today, if they had stayed in the business. Nowadays, everyone wears SCRUBS. They are everywhere you go... at least around here. They are affordable, fashionable and comfortable, to boot. I became a convert when I was in the hospital for a couple weeks, back in 2007. The hospital preferred the patients wear the SCRUBS they supplied, instead of pj‘s or nightgowns, from home. It beat the heck out of those old hospital gowns, with your butt hanging out. As a result, when I was released from the hospital, to go back home, I had to get me a pair of SCRUBS. Not knowing where to look for them… I was pleasantly surprised to find them at retailers, Walmart and Meijer’s. Unfortunately, the selections there, were a tad bit antiseptic, to say the least. So I looked for other options. And I found them on the internet. If you want to really jazz up your SCRUBS wardrobe, people… Tafford’s online, is the place to shop. They’ve got anything your heart desires, when it comes to SCRUBS. I like printed tops, with themes and solid bottoms. But on the pants, I prefer the elastic waist... instead of, the drawstring ones. Both my daughters disagree. Drawstring, according to them, is the only way to go. My older daughter works in the local hospital doing patient registrations, in the emergency room. So she likes patterned tops, too. This is in case something gross happens to get on her, then you won‘t see the stain. My youngest, the daughter who’s the microbiologist, goes strictly for the solid colors. She thinks it looks more professional. While both ladies HAVE to wear their SCRUBS for work… I simply like to lounge around in my ‘Doctor Duds’ here at home, or when I run to the store. Apparently it’s trendy and cool, to look like a health professional, when you’re not. Who knew, I’d be a fashionista, at my age. Have you ever worn SCRUBS?

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The power lines to my house are in the backyard, instead of out front. I guess when they were laying out plans for the neighborhood, years ago, it seemed like a good idea, to put them there. Lately though, it’s been a real pain in the rear, for us. Not the original owners of our humble abode… the problem is, the trees here. Back when they built the house, the trees had just been planted and were small. Now, fifty-seven years later, we’re living in a woods. Our yard is full of trees, reaching limbs to the sky. The trouble is, some of them are growing dangerously close to the power lines. Their branches are interfering with business. During a wind, rain, snow or ice storm, they could potentially knock out power to the entire neighborhood, not just us. So the power company says the trees must come down. This saddens me. I love trees. I don't want to see any destroyed. But I understand why it must be done, whether I like it or not. Unfortunately to add insult to injury, my yard is now trashed with graffiti. The power company went crazy spray painting... BIG ugly, hot pink X’s... on all the tree trunks, of those trees to be eliminated. It looks hideous. Those without marks get to stay. Lucky them. The last time the power company did something of this magnitude was five years ago. Back then, when they cut down the other trees, they littered my entire backyard with piles of wood and brush. You couldn’t even walk back there. Try as we might… we couldn’t get anyone to haul away the wood. The cut pieces were just too gigantic and unwieldy. We're senior citizens... it literally took us THREE years to clean up the MESS the power company left behind. Therefore, I don’t relish the idea, of them, doing it again. But… I’m powerless to change it, because I don’t want to be power-less.