Friday, August 26, 2011


I love writing. If I don’t put pen to paper... it eats a big empty hole in my heart. That is why I always carry a 5 x7 notebook everywhere I go... or my XOOM, or a netbook computer. I was born to do this writing thing. Got paid to do it... once upon a time. Even the epitaph on my tombstone alludes to this passion. So... it logically follows, that blogging, became a natural extension of my writing. My blog will be TWO years old in a couple days. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, TARYTERRE. Or should I say HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY? It seems like I’ve been around much longer than TWO years, doesn’t it? I’m so proud of what I’ve done here. I like sharing my adventures with you on a weekly basis. And, I enjoy reading your comments. I love each and every one of my blog buddies, too. All of you... have really made a BIG difference in my life. Without realizing it, you’ve become family. I can’t imagine... a day, a week, or a month going by... without me checking in... to read your blogs, to see how you’re all doing? I was a lurker back when you had J-Land. I don’t know why I waited so-oo long to join the conversation. Back then... the excuse for not signing up was the fact I had my own website and was preoccupied with that. But... then reality set in. Your move to Blogger from AOL... was the spark that really kicked my rear in gear. I was afraid I’d lose touch with you all. And I couldn’t bear the thought. So I joined the crowd, as a newbie and forged ahead. And the rest is history. In honor of my anniversary here... I want you to know... I started another blog to compliment this one. Please check it out. It is light-hearted and fun. And should bring a smile to your lips, at least some of the time. I will post on it, randomly. For those of you who might be interested... It's called SCOOTER LADY RIDES AGAIN. Here is the link. And of course... I will be right here, keeping TARYTERRE going strong. Look for my new posts, to appear at the end of each week... on either Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. What day I update... depends on my schedule. If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane... feel free to browse my previous columns. You might note... that I always post the same story, with variations... every Christmas, so I can spend time relaxing with my hubby, daughters and grandchildren... instead of blogging. Not to slight you, but the truth is... for the past two, actually three years... we really have seen all those deer in the neighborhood, on or around the holiday. I kid you not. So it is fitting I repeat the story. Truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for the memories, dear internet friends. I hope we’ll make many more, in the years ahead.

P.S. For those of you that participated in the comment section of my last blog WHAT FOOD IS IT? Time is up. I hope you had fun. I got a kick out of your answers. You all had GOOD guesses and most of the ingredients. But nobody GOT it entirely right. So I can’t hand out bragging rights or kudos. Are you ready? The FOOD in question had cheese, sour cream, chives, onions, tomatoes, bacon and the SECRET ingredient is MASHED POTATOES. This particular dish is called a TWICE BAKED MASHED POTATO BOWL. And it is so-ooo yummy. Especially on a cool autumn, or winter day. Were you surprised?

Friday, August 19, 2011


When I’m looking for comfort food that I don’t make at home… I go to my favorite carryout restaurant and buy this particular dish. It warms the cockles of my heart and tastes yummy. I thought it might be fun for you to guess WHAT FOOD is IT? (See the photograph. Click on it to get a better look. It might help.) The first person that guesses it right on my comment page, where it is date stamped, will win bragging rights. I will post the answer... with kudos to the winner... in my comment section, at the end of next week. Meanwhile, check back from time to time to see what others think. It could get interesting. I am really curious to see if any of you can guess WHAT FOOD it IS? You might be surprised or maybe, it's just too obvious. What do you think? Make a guess.

Friday, August 12, 2011




3- 4 LBS live mussels

2 cups white wine (sweet or dry, your preference)

2 or 3 bunches scallions (rough chop green & white parts)

3 or 4 cloves garlic (finely chopped)

half a bunch of curly parsley (rough chop)

1  and 1 half sticks of butter

salt to taste (I don’t use any)

Italian Bread to sop up broth on plate, once served

*For a TWIST you can add stewed tomatoes, if you like


Rinse and scrub mussels.

*They must be closed. Throw away any wide open ones.

Remove beards with scissors or knife and discard

(when you see one you’ll know WHAT it is)

In a large stockpot melt butter

Add wine, scallions, parsley, garlic, salt

Simmer for 5 or 6 minutes

Add mussels. Cover and increase heat to high

Cook 5 minutes or until mussels open up

Imeadiately remove from heat

With a ladle or large spoon remove mussels from pot and put into a BIG bowl

Pour juice, at bottom of pot, over top of mussels

Place on plates


Friday, August 5, 2011


Nothing in my house is straightforward. We make a BIG deal out of everything. I am married to an engineer. Everything, seriously… every little thing has to be analyzed and investigated. For instance… I wanted an ice cream cone the other day. I hadn’t had one, at home, in years. I had some Haagen Daz Mango Sorbet in the freezer. I usually eat it in a little serving dish or directly from the carton, because nobody likes it, but me. But a sugar cone… full of heavenly delight… begged for me, at that exact moment. The trouble was… I didn’t have an ice cream scoop. So I jumped in the car and went to our Meijers Superstore. I was surprised. They only had a small selection to choose from. I narrowed it down to two. But they were very different. One was totally plastic and the other used the entire handle as a lever. I took a picture of both on my cellphone and texted it to my husband. I asked the question, "Which has the better mechanism and will last the longest?"

He thought the one using the handle as the lever would be difficult to scoop with. And, he also complained... the one that was all plastic, was just cheap construction. Truth be told… he didn’t like either of them. But he said he’d get back to me. So I waited. What I didn’t know was that he had headed to Walmart. About ten minutes later I began receiving text messages. They included photos of the ice cream scoops he had found there. Like me… he had narrowed it down to two.

First a  Paula Deen scoop. Paula’s looked pleasing. I could imagine myself scooping out a dip or two of ice cream with it, like she does on TV. I was happy to see the lever itself was metal. However the rotating part of the mechanism was plastic, as was the handle. So I put my feelings about it on hold. 

Then I saw the second scoop, he picked, by Oneida. It looked solid. It looked professional. It was all-metal except for the rotating part. However, my husband felt the scoop as a whole had been engineered better than the others. And he felt it would last, unlike the ones I had shown him. So the scoops I had been looking at were now ruled out. We had been furiously texting back and forth about all of this. So I stopped and actually called my husband. We needed to make a choice. What was the cost of the two scoops he had in hand? He told me Paula’s was about $10. And the Oneida one was closer to $8.50. Decision made. I was sold.We went with the Oneida. Sorry Paula. My hubby was home in a flash, proud of his purchase. I got there a short time later. And I’m happy to say my craving for a homemade ice cream cone was satisfied at last. Mango Sorbet never tasted so good.