Wednesday, January 29, 2014


With all the snow, ice and cold temps we've had... un-decorating the outside of the house from Christmas has proven difficult. There has always been something, weather related, interfering with getting the job done. Somehow I managed to pry the wreath with the big red bow off the front door. But currently on my porch, and in the front yard, there are half a dozen twig tree lights... and a 5ft green St. Nick frozen to the ground... covered with a foot of snow... making them impossible to remove.  So, there they sit... almost into February waiting for the BIG thaw, so I can put them away for December. With the winter we're having, I'm anticipating them being out there until then.

Friday, January 24, 2014


I know the country at large is in a deep freeze. But we are in a repetitive weather pattern in my neck of the woods. It's been going on for a month. Every couple days we get another Alberta Clipper System from the north bringing 1-4 inches of snow and then this arctic blast of cooler temperatures. The monotony of this happening is getting old. I keep hoping for a break in the weather and none seems forthcoming.  Needless to say... I'm getting a little cabin fever. And I'm longing to feel a little warmth creep into the forecast. Where would I have to travel to find it? Unfortunately two more Clippers are predicted for this week and next week is supposed to get worse. With temps in the single and negative digits... nothing to do but hunker down and get comfortable. Staying warm is the name of the game. So I've got my Kindle and Nook charged so I can read. And I have an 18 pack bundle of chai tea for the Keurig to warm my insides. And if all that weren't enough... I'm also day dreaming about summer. What do you do when the weather just won't cooperate?? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have been told my entire life I have thin, fine, limp hair. This causes all kind of trouble for me. My hair is hard to manage and has little volume.  I always look like I have flat head. I have tried various kinds of shampoo, throughout the years to help combat the problem... but none seem to work. And the situation was getting worse as I aged. Then somebody recommended Matrix Biolage, Amplify Volume. I searched high and low for it. It is difficult to find. I must admit to sticker shock when I finally found it. It is pricey. A 16 ounce bottle goes for approximately $17, depending where you get it. But because I was in desperate need of some hair help, I caved in and bought some. The difference was like day and night. It really worked. It gave my hair bounce and body, it has never had. So now I'm hooked. But at that price I'm using it sparingly. Do you have a favorite shampoo?



Saturday, January 18, 2014


On a snowy winter night, almost 30 years ago... my husband and I made a long trek to see an old clapboard house for sale. I had seen a blurry picture of it in a realtor's guide and fell in love. We wanted to know if the affection would hold true after seeing it in person. It did and we later bought the place. But... heading out of town on that snowy night, we stopped at a local restaurant, to contemplate the future. Thirty years later that restaurant is still here. To this day, whenever the weather is bad, we often go there to have comfort food and talk. My favorite thing on the menu is a Philly Melt. Nothing warms your innards like this sandwich on a cold winter night. Do you have a favorite cold weather meal??? And an old haunt that's been around a while?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


With the Christmas season behind us, retailers are thinking ahead to spring. I'm not because it's still too cold. But... yard ornaments are popping up on display... in several of the stores I frequent. And frankly some of the trends are disturbing. Last year I noticed some ZOMBIES creeping into garden decor. And I thought it was a trend that would die out. Because... truth be told, these things are ugly. But sure enough,  they are back again this year with a vengeance. Would you put such things out and about in your yard? Personally I would not. Even at Halloween. Who are they making this stuff for??? Gardens are supposed to be cheerful and serene, not something out of a horror movie.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


My husband has COPD. This makes his breathing laborious. And with these colder temperatures his breathing got worse after he went outside. The cold  air causes the lung tissue to shrink and close down restricting the flow of air. Now he is wheezing all the time. This has us both concerned. Phil Everly from the Everly Brothers fame was my husband's age, 74;  and he just died from complications of COPD. That certainly has given my husband cause to pause and look at his situation a little more seriously. Today we spent the afternoon at the hospital so he could get blood work and a chest X-Ray. The doctor prescribed steroids, in addition to inhalers and Advair to help with his condition. If they do not work, the next course of treatment is portable oxygen. I'm doing what I can to keep his spirits up, but this situation is depressing him, to be sure.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Spent the past couple of days... locked behind closed doors, here at home, doing what we could to stay warm. For me that included wearing one of the husband's heavy flannel shirts on top of my own. While the outside temps plummeted, the furnace did what it could to keep up. Our inside temp here could only reach 63 degrees. Funny how that feels colder in the winter than that number would feel in the spring or summer. For the most part... we watched television with the channel on the news and weather. The township finally got the snow plow to go around the street. But digging out once we head outside again is going to be tough. Our cars are not housed in a garage, so they are out exposed to the elements. And because of the storm are covered with almost a foot of snow. That means we have to clean 'em off... in addition to shoveling the driveway. With COPD my husband has to be careful. So I usually try to do the bulk of it. And right now with temps still bone chilling, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. There is a Level THREE snow emergency to the north of us in all the counties. So that means no cars are allowed on the road unless it is essential or you will be ticketed or arrested if caught out and about. That means the husband still can't go to work because he'd have to drive through those areas. So... for the time being, we're content to be snug as a couple bugs in a rug inside the house... until the situation outside improves. Temperatures are going up to 19 or 20 degrees in the next few days, so we're optimistic. How are you doing in the aftermath of the polar vortex????

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Years ago... my father made me a little wooden snowman. I take it out every winter season and display it until spring and the big thaw. It reminds us of all the winter storms we have endured and all the snowmen we could have built. This morning we were warned by our weather radio about a monster storm headed our way. So... we attempted to stock up on essentials. Only to find the store shelves empty. Predictions of a foot of snow and temperatures at -18 below zero were mentioned. Wind chills are expected to be even worse. As much as -30 below. It will be bitterly cold, for sure. And people, particularly seniors can be at high risk for hypothermia, frost bite, heart attacks and respiratory problems. Normally... my husband would be on the road for a three hour trip, headed to work, when this bad weather is expected to hit. But... he has wisely made the decision... to stay home until the danger has passed, even though it means giving up a paycheck.  If you are in the path of this storm please be safe. I  pray the power stays on... so we all can keep warm.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


I love Lebanese food. Something about it soothes my palate. Where my hubby works in Michigan there are any number of restaurants that cater to that culture. And... when I visit him there, we frequent them all. BUT here where we live there is no place that does. And I sadly miss out on indulging myself with my favorite cuisine. So, imagine my delight... when driving north of here, about thirty miles... when I accidently came across a place that specialized in this wonderful food. I was in heaven reading the menu. Authentic home cooking. Kafta, Ghalaba, Falafel, Shawarma, Gyro and Tabbouli. My mouth watered at the mere thought. Ultimately I ordered lamb grape leaves with hommous, pita chips and bread. What kind of food do you like???