Sunday, October 24, 2010






Friday, October 15, 2010


My husband is a strong man. Little bothers him. In all the years we’ve been together, I’ve never seen him so sick, that he couldn’t function. But now he is absolutely, positively, miserable. He is in terrible pain. He has been suffering with a toothache for the past two weeks. One tiny, little tooth... has literally knocked... the wind out of his sails. The oral surgeon put him on an antibiotic to attack the infection in his mouth. But the pain hasn’t subsided, in all this time. He's been living on soup, alone... because he can't chew. Meanwhile, arrangements were made to have the EVIL tooth removed, since it can’t be saved. And after days of waiting, that finally happened today. My husband was put to sleep, to have it done. With COPD, this can be very tricky. They had to give him the right mix of oxygen during the procedure and carefully monitor him. He went ‘under’ around 1:20pm. I sat in the waiting room, in an uncomfortable chair, thumbing through an old stack of PEOPLE magazines, while he had surgery. My presence was required since he wouldn’t be able to drive home, by himself, afterwards. When I joined him in the recovery room, forty minutes later… he was lying on his side, bundled up with a burgundy colored blanket. He was white as a ghost. It frightened me. He looked so vulnerable. I’ve never seen him like that. He didn’t want to wake up. And he didn’t want to go home, either. He was comfortable where he was at. But with a little coaxing, they finally got him to sit up. He was still very groggy and his speech was terribly slurred. It was literally impossible to understand what he was saying.Twenty more minutes had passed. They asked me to bring the car around to the front entrance. It’s quite a trek. I was worried he wouldn't be able to make it because he was so unsteady. As a precaution, they decided to put him in a wheelchair, to bring him out to the van. I was surprised by this, but grateful, that they weren‘t taking any chances... since there was the possibility, he could collapse.  I was never so happy, to get him home, inside the house and situated in his recliner. However, once here... time dragged on. The bleeding in his mouth worsened. We went through dozens of gauze pads. He's still in alot of pain. Has a headache. His cheek is sore. He is one sick fella. But finally... after about four or five hours, his coloring had returned, and the bleeding lessened.  Suddenly, he was hungry and thirsty for some juice, Greek yogurt, and a Vicodin.  Will the ordeal be over soon? Time will tell. At least now, things are on the mend. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, our next dilemma, is finding him other kinds of food, he can eat, while healing. Soup is still at the top of the list. But at this point, he's had his fill of it. Any other suggestions?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Recently, when our old dishwasher broke... we bought a new one. But my hubby wants to know why we wasted the money. He doesn’t feel I utilize this modern convenience to it’s fullest capacity. This is a source of contention between us. Maybe you can help. I’m curious about WHAT other people do in their households? Do you rinse off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher? Or do you put them in there, filthy dirty? Yours truly always washes mine off in hot water, with lots of soap, before loading the machine. My husband thinks I’m nuts. Why bother? He feels I should just throw them in there... full of gunk. I strongly disagree. The dirt will get caked on, and be harder to remove, especially if I‘m not using the dishwasher that day. Doing it my way… if I need an extra plate or spoon, throughout the week, before it‘s run… I don’t worry about taking something from there... I know they will be clean. I know what you’re thinking… I’m crazy, right? I should let the dishwasher do its job. Why bother to have a dishwasher, if I just use it, as a 'fancy' drying rack. I guess you can’t teach an old dog, like me, new tricks. I got into this habit of cleaning the plates, bowls and utensils, thoroughly… from back in the days, when I didn’t own a dishwasher. And as time’s gone by, I haven’t changed my mentality. So, if truth be told, I mostly use the dishwasher to sterilize. And that’s especially comforting, if we’ve been sick. Otherwise, having a dishwasher, for a family of two, isn’t really necessary, is it?  So why am I so happy, to have one?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Now that autumn is officially here, my thoughts are skipping ahead to that next seasonal transition. During the winter months, we turn back the thermostat to approximately 60 degrees, at night. And for some reason, it feels colder than it actually is, inside the house. I’ve tried in vain to get my husband to bump up the numbers a few notches, but he refuses. His COPD rules the roost. I’ve written about this before. He uses various medicines and inhalers to control it. But, most importantly, he keeps it very, very cool inside our house, so... according to him, he can breathe easier. Cooler temps are great in the summer, but in the dead of winter… not so much. Therefore, our bed is piled high with blankets and a comforter. But I still freeze my rear end off when I try to go to sleep. Plus all that excess material I’m weighted down with, as I toss and turn, is a real pain, too… especially since it doesn’t seem to do it’s job. Baby it’s cold inside. Snuggling helps and is obviously distracting. But it doesn’t completely eliminate the COLD. And to be honest, all this shivering interferes with a good nights sleep. I’ve tried jersey and flannel sheets, to add warmth. My hubby HATES them. So I have to listen to a litany of complaints. And frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing them. Every winter season, I broach the subject of using an electric blanket, and get the idea shot down, by him. But surprisingly, this year he didn’t. I don’t know WHAT changed or WHY??? But all systems are now GO... for an electric blanket with dual controls. YEAH. I'm so excited. Unfortunately, the problem is… I don’t like any of the ones, I’ve seen on the market, so far. They’re flimsy and lightweight. You feel more wire, than blanket. I’m so disappointed. But... my quest has just begun… so keep your fingers crossed, that I find something, before the first snow flies. I’m seriously looking forward, to my first warm toes, in years.