Thursday, February 10, 2011


What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? My hubby usually buys me a sentimental card, and a dozen FIRE and ICE roses. I always give him, truffles. I derive a great deal of pleasure from this annual ritual. Last year, though, as per my request, I got a big RED heart of Russell Stover Chocolates minus the flowers. This was because I was craving chocolate, back then. Usually not an issue for me, because I hate the stuff. Especially the dark chocolate. I really do. Still, the heart of goodies, he gave me... did the trick, quenching my spontaneous desire for it, at the time. But when the big HEART day came and went, and I didn’t have any roses, to show for it, I felt just terrible. I love roses in the dead of winter. All those chocolate endorphins didn’t help me deal with the deep regret I felt, for opting out of the flowers. Leave it to me... to ruin my own good mood. After sulking about it, for a day or two, and insisting my husband still not buy me any, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. To cheer my somber mood... I went out and bought myself, the roses. My favorite kind were nowhere to be found, so I settled for salmon colored ones, instead. They were gorgeous. It instantly lifted my spirits. I thought my husband would pitch a hissy fit, that I did it, after telling him not to. But he just smiled, when he saw them and said I shouldn’t have stopped him from buying them, to begin with. So... this year, he can get me the roses. But I’ve got something else up my sleeve. I have another special request. Instead of going out to dinner... like we usually do... I want to steam a couple lobsters, here at home. I already bought the champagne to go with them. Since there’s only one place in town that sells LIVE LOBSTERS and since you need to buy them, no more than a couple hours before they're cooked… I’m probably setting myself up for another BIG disappointment, if they SELL OUT, before we can nab a pair, to help us celebrate Valentine‘s Day. But that’s the plan, and we’re sticking to it. So... keep your fingers crossed, we score the crustaceans.


LYN said...

hope you get your wish..:-)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Just flowers and a card, simple and pragmatic.