Thursday, June 18, 2020


My computer is on the blink. Most days I use it for trivial searches, to read papers and shop. But this week I needed it to do some important work. My best friend recently got a Pomeranian pup. So to honor her new adoption, I bought her a cute magnet, hand painted by an artist, on the East Coast. He sent it to my friend directly… instead of sending it to me, to send to her. The Post Office, via a tracking number says it got delivered yesterday. She checked her mailbox and says it didn’t arrive. I need the computer to send her all the documentation proving it did, so she can present it to her local branch and complain. If I can’t get online, I can’t do that task. To add insult to injury, another package I ordered from overseas, arrived leaking holy oil last Friday. (a message from God, no doubt) The bottle inside was half full and the box was stained. Apparently the lid had cracked in transit. Since this was a gift I contacted the seller to lament about the disappointment I felt receiving it in that condition. Of course they wanted proof, so I had to take photos of the damage. I need to download, and then process those photos, before I forward them to the company I ordered the product from. This takes time… and I need the computer. But with my intermittent computer problems, I can’t do that either. I also need to authorize a prepaid Visa card, at their website, so I can use it. But that’s also put on hold. So I sat down to write this and complain. Without the computer, I’m lost, floundering around, with no way to do… what needs to be done. My husband has other issues, he’s bogged down with… at the moment, and helping me get back online, is not… at the top of his list of priorities. So I sit here, wringing my hands in frustration. If and when this post appears on my blog, you’ll know the problem has been temporarily resolved. To fix it permanently… I may have to buy a new computer… which will only add fuel to the fire. Because… at this stage in my life, that’s a learning curve I don’t want to tackle. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that. Don’t you hate when your plans are thwarted by the unexpected? I think I’m going to get in my van and head to the grocery store later today and forget all about computing.


jack69 said...

YES, YES, YES AND YES! These times can be so frustrating and add to the times one of these animals wh........... Believe it or not we had a power failure and I thought I had lost this and it came back.
Anyway I do hope the bugs are killed without having to learn a new computer, most of us hate that like the plague! New ones are hard to train methinks.
Love you lady, things will get better!
Sherry & jack

Mevely317 said...

Aaaaaargh! I'd be so cross!
I, too, have had a couple delivery snafus in the last couple months. A wizz-bang thermometer arrived in crushed packaging -- from China (of course) and the seller refused my request for a refund, on account it's a 'personal care item.'
Can you, perhaps take pictures with your cell phone and upload them on mobile Wi-Fi? Please let us know if your friend's magnet is located?

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Taryterre, what frustration you're going through. So sorry to hear all this. I was wondering if you could do any of this stuff over the phone? We don't know how much we appreciate our computers until we can't use them or they break down. I smiled when you said, "of course they wanted proof." I have been finding lately that every chore or task we do, there's always some kind of proof they need. Such a hassle. It seems our word isn't good enough any more. I hope you get everything straightened out, and hang in there, Taryterre. Sending comforting thoughts your way tonight.


Practical Parsimony said...

I HATE COmputer problems!

Buttercup said...

My computer was beyond fixing last fall and I had to go into a new frontier and happily it wasn't as hard as I'd expected. I wasn't happy when the mouse didn't work a few months ago. Several people had to walk through installation, but there was no option. I couldn't bring it in to Best Buy to see if there was an easier fix. I'm glad to see this post and hope things hold up for a long while.