Sunday, August 9, 2020

Cleaning Out My Garage

I had an eBay store. And over the years, I collected quite an inventory of stuff to sell in it. Got rid of one storage area filled with things, a while back. Think I wrote about it. Trouble is there is still another one, that needs cleaning out. And then there is the garage. It was piled high with flip top boxes and more items than you’ve ever seen. Every time I try to tackle the mess… something happens to stop me, dead in my tracks and I never make any progress. After 25 years of this… I finally said, enough is enough. And I went full throttle working on it, 3 days in row… up until 5:30 am each morning, before stumbling into bed til noon, and starting all over again. It was a big chore to be sure. My hubby wanted to keep the plastic boxes, which had me scrambling for cardboard ones. Some looked pretty ratty but I transferred the stuff from one to the other. I could have had everything auctioned off and made quite a pretty penny. But with everybody hurting right now. I know they are looking for bargains. I thrifted for years out of necessity, before I did it for fun... and always got some great deals at Goodwill. So I will donate the inventory there, and let them sort it all out. Before we took the first couple loads over to them, there was not a square inch of floor showing in our living room because of everything I’m giving away. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Figurines, plates, decorations, trees. Cloth table cloths and napkins, new in package shower curtains. Wooden crafts, wreathes and clothes, lots of clothes. Books, designer purses, shoes, etc. It’s been like a weight off my shoulders getting done what I did, out there. One half of the garage is finished, still have the rest to do. But for now, I’m taking a break. My back and knees hurt, I can hardly walk and same is true for my hubby. My goal is to have it all done before Christmas, so I can pull my car in garage for first time in 34 years. Fingers crossed. Your encouragement will help egg me on. 

PS)  I'm having a fit with this new format. My photographs are offset and enlarged too. Can not get them centered. My text is underlined and won't go back to normal. I hate this. And all my links to your pages need to be redone because when I click on them, I'm redirected. I reverted back to The Legacy version and I'm still having issues


Susie said...

You are doing better than I would be at using any new format...I just click that Legacy return...did not have a clue what else to do. You go sweet lady and get that garage done like you will be so very thankful to have your car in the garage. I for one am proud of what you have accomplished with the sorting and donating. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

jack69 said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are accomplishing something that many of us ONLY dream of. GOOD FOR YOU. All three of us here in the RV read this and are PROUD of you!
I had a friend who said the only way to clean a garage is ask a stranger to do it. LOL
When I try my mind says, "You might need that later!!!"
Love to you lady,
Sherry, jack and JJ 'On The Road Again' somewhere in Indiana methinks, maybe Illinois.

NanaDiana said...

Oh! I am so very, very proud of you! You have done such a great job and I am slowly following in your footsteps. Good for you- there is a freeing of letting go of the stuff, isn't there? I, too, have boxes full of 'stuff' for eBay and I am giving them to my DIL so she can put them in a garage sale. Good luck to ALL of us as we continue to purge and 'let go'. xo Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Gopd for you. I know it's a lot of work but worth it in the end. You'll love getting your car back in the garage. When I had to downsize, I too gave everything away. It's a lot of work to try and sell it and you will help out a lot of folks that need what you give away. Good will is a marvelous place to find a treasure or two. You deserve a rest fr what you've done. Take care and be careful of all the lifting.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

I have been working on the same thing. I finally have it all sorted into keep, donate, and yard sale piles covering 3 different rooms. If I don't have those yard sales before next summer all that will be donated too. I sick and tired of all the stuff!

Mevely317 said...

Curious isn't it when 'something' triggers an urge to purge? It sounds like you'd have eventually made a pretty penny -- but at what cost to your peace of mind? Given our ages and health issues, I think it's more important than ever to get off my 'bottom' and decide what to do with memorabilia, etc. that probably means nothing to anyone but myself. Please keep us apprised!

PS - For the record, I'm LOATHING the new blogger, aka Pandora's Box.

Jon said...

Your persistence and hard work are paying off. Congratulations! Keep it up - - I have no doubt that you can finish by Christmas.

I could (desperately) use those plastic boxes! My garage is literally piled to the ceiling with junk - simply because I have no room to put anything. After five years, I'm still completely baffled and don't know what to do.

There's no trash pick-up here in the wilderness and no place to donate anything. My Toyota is small, so it's extremely difficult to haul anything to town.
My only alternative is to pay someone to haul it away - but finding anyone around here is a near-impossibility.

Sorry for the rant, but your situation suddenly rekindled all of my woes.

Red Rose Alley said...

Way to go, Taryterre! You got a lot done in such a short time. I bet it feels so good and freeing to give away things that are not needed or wanted any more. I know how much you like Halloween, so I bet you kept a few of those items. Yes, Goodwill is the best, and I think they will appreciate all the donations you gave them. As for blogger, I haven't switched over yet. So many people are not happy with it, and I'm keeping the legacy for as long as I can. Most of us don't have the time or energy to be learning a new program right now. Let us know how your cleaning and giving away is going. I really admire you for that. And you got half of the garage done! : )


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good for you on tackling such a project and good that you had some help too. When we moved there were lots of trips to donation centers and thrift stores. Now it's hard to find some of those places as they have closed. The Salvation Army Family Center in town here closed due to COVID and it was one of my favorite places to donate and buy! Good for you on deciding to donate vs. try to sell it all, which would be even more work. And YES on disliking the new blogger which is why I reverted to Legacy and so far it's working as expected. Blah for the new and improved version.