Sunday, June 21, 2015


Time to be true to yourself.

If you're in the mood...
Do a little work around the house.

Binge Watch a little TV.

Make something to eat
out on the grill.

 Then spend the rest of the day

"A truly rich man is one
 whose children 
run into his arms,
 even when his wallet is empty."

to my hubby, my dad, my brother,
my son-in-law
and all my blog buddies. 



Paula said...

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers in your clan.

Anonymous said...

Very cute post and happy father's day wishes to all of your family. Love the picture of the kitty napping on the tummy!

Mevely317 said...

I hope there's lots of smiles goin' on in your corner of Blogville!
Now, I've seen lots of cute father/son pix before - but your second shot takes the cake!!!

jack69 said...

Thanks for a sweet read. I like the statement about running into arms even with empty pockets. Good.

Hollie said...

Happy Father's Day to ALL!!

Jon said...

The picture of the guy sleeping with the cat made me laugh. My cat Bosco sleeps on me like that every night. It's not always comfortable (for me) but it's funny.

I hope your hubby had a nice Father's Day.

betty said...

I hope all the special men in your life had a great Father's Day!