Friday, December 11, 2009


I was sitting in bed… the other night, reading the book, 'The Christmas Cookie Club'… while my hubby lay next to me, snoring away. Suddenly… without warning, his whole body shook… and his arms began flailing all about, as he shouted, “NO, NO, NO.” Concerned, I debated what to do. Should I wake him up, which might startle him more… making the situation worse? Or do I let the dream play out? He continued to shout and thrash about. It was making me feel uneasy… I had to do something… so I decided to talk to him, loudly. “Are you ok?” I asked. “NO, NO, NO.” he yelled. And then, he began mumbling under his breath. Persisting, I raised my voice… “I can’t understand you. Are you ok?” He rolled over on his back, his eyes fluttering open briefly before shutting them again. I softened my tone, putting my hand gently on his shoulder, nudging him… “Are you ok? You frightened me. You were shouting in your sleep.” He turned his back to me, then quietly said, “The man was holding me up at gunpoint.” “You’re safe. It was just a bad dream,” I told him… massaging his scalp. I expected him to respond, but heard snoring… instead. He was ok. I was the one feeling a little out of sorts. I closed my book and reached out to turn off the light. Time to sleep. Little did I know… I would have my own nightmare, two hours later. I don’t know how I reacted outwardly, because we both slept through it. But in my dream… I was being smothered and choked to death, by my husband. Terrified… I woke up, turning on all the lights in the bedroom. This in turn, woke him up. He was agitated I disturbed his sleep cycle. “Too bad,” I said, “I was just traumatized by you. I‘m scared.” I expected him to ask me why, but he didn‘t… probably assuming, I was talking about what happened, earlier in the evening. I added, “I need a little TLC, right now. I had a bad dream.” Then… I realized, it was too late for that… my significant other was already SNORING again. He can sleep through anything… his dream, my dream. I guess he expected me… to go back to sleep, too. Still shaking, I couldn’t erase the images… of the dream I had, from my mind. It felt so real. I picked up my book for comfort and distraction. Then… I snuggled my pillow closer. It took a while… but I eventually forgot about the nightmare, and managed to revisit the sandman, undisturbed, for the rest of the night. Still I wonder… what if anything, the dreams meant?

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