Thursday, April 21, 2011


Flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping. My winter coat has been relegated to the closet. The electric blanket is turned to OFF. Though, I must admit the temps are only in the fifties. The lawnmower needs to be filled with gas and oil, so it’s ready to roll. The neighbors have already beaten us to the punch by cutting their grass. I think spring has finally sprung. Suddenly I’m craving PEEPS, gourmet jellybeans, white chocolate bunnies and hard boiled eggs. It must be Easter too. A time to REJOICE, and a time for RENEWAL. And a time to INDULGE in just a little bit of candy. Of course I can’t forget to decorate the eggs. My hubby and I always look forward to adorning the eggs with a splash of color and simple designs. We’re kids at heart. Makes eating them much more fun, later in the week. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to decide what’s on the menu for Sunday dinner. I grew up having ham and yams on the holiday. And followed that tradition for many moons. But in recent years, I’ve changed it up a bit. We’ve had lamb instead. I love it… but my husband, isn’t as crazy about it, as I would like. So… I’m in a real quandary about whether or not to fix it. My daughter wants turkey. I keep telling her it’s the wrong holiday for that. LOL Maybe we’ll be wild and crazy and have lobster, instead. I’ll figure it out. Seems the Easter Bunny has tons of work to do, to get ready for the big day. Baskets, loaded with goodies, still need to be distributed to the grandchildren, among a long list of other things. HAPPY EASTER to you and yours.


Angela said...

I decided that in addition to ham (it's a small one), I'd shake things up a bit and add bar-be-que pulled pork sandwiches to the Easter Sunday meal. It's funny how we tend to associate specific foods to specific holidays. When we stray off the course, we feel like rebels!

(And I just realized how terribly boring that makes me sound). Haha.

Happy Easter!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Whatever you wind up fixing, I hope it is something everyone likes. Holidays mean special times with family and that will make it all the more a family holiday. We always have ham but more and more the sweet potatoes are forgotten, not many like them. I do but I can have them any time. I did wear my winter coat yesterday. I thought I could but it away but I was outside and the wind was cold. I got to shed it for awhile in the afternoon but put it back on later. I hope your Easter is a great one!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you can decide on a menu, I think ham is a great choice.