Monday, December 26, 2016


Christmas came and went. 

We enjoyed bright, colorful lights of the season by driving throughout local neighborhoods and looking at their holiday displays. The more expensive the houses, the more lavish and creative they were.

The older we get... the less we decorate here at home. Not because we do not want to. Just because we can’t physically muster the agility to do so. I wish there was someone who could help us... do it, but there just isn't. So we enjoy seeing everybody else's. After a jaunt out and about to do that… we then capped the holiday festivities, with a family excursion to dinner. Years of prepping for home cooked meals has taken their toll, and just living in the moment, with no cleanup… was appealing, making our decision to eat out, easy. A good time was had by all.

Afterwards… we went back to my daughter’s to open presents. The grands made us cookies. SCRUMPTIOUS.

Their request for Xmas was just to get a few GIFT cards. Which made the old adage ‘Big things come in little packages’ come to fruition for them both. A couple BOOGIE boards for doodling also made their day special.

 Meanwhile, the kitties got their yearly dose of CATNIP. And were more playful than we’ve seen in months.

This year all the gifts for me were exclusively REPURPOSED from secondhand stores. Shirts, books. And, an antique opal ring.

My husband’s new toys on the other hand were brand spanking new. They were in keeping with our resolute determination to give up our $200 a month cable bill, so we can save money. So we made a couple BIG expenditures on a SMART TV and TIVO that will 'pay off' in the long run. Or so we hope. Fingers crossed. (I had talked about this here... months ago, and then again on my other blog, Thrifting Threads and Things, briefly, last week. You can access it by clicking on pic in my sidebar.) My hubby had wanted a BIGGER tv screen... but our available space would only permit 40 inches, so that’s what we got. He spent ALL Christmas Day hooking up wires and making connections so we could have TV again. He ended up having to gerry rig a few things to get stuff situated properly. But he did it. Whatever works right?

Nothing more exciting than knowing the Weather Channel will be back on where it belongs, so we can track those winter storms as they develop.

I am really looking forward to the NEW YEAR. In so many ways 2016 was a BAD one for me personally. Really BAD from beginning to end. But it will finally pass. So... at long last, I am optimistic for the future. And hope you are too.

May you and your loved ones
have a healthy and happy


"Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne! For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne. We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne." 


jack69 said...

a visit here is always fun. I hope you enjoy the TV. We took time also to tour the neighborhood for the decorations. Always a fun trip.
The best to you and yours for the coming year..
From Florida

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the Christmas lights, but don't do them here at my house either. Glad you were able to spend some wonderful time with your family. I got a smart TV a couple of years ago and love it. Hoping the New Yeaer brings you only good things!

Mevely317 said...

Your new ring is lovely!
We're in a similar state of mind: Paying Cox Cable $$$ out the wazzoo v. ponying up for a 'smart TV' and DVR. Pretty sure next month we'll take the plunge. Do let us know how you're liking it?

I'd love to join you in BELIEVING 2017 will be kinder!

betty said...

Such a pretty ring! Great Christmas you seemed to have! It is much more relaxing to either cut down on the decorating or not decorate at all and enjoy the talents of others. I also agree about going out for a meal; enjoy the time together as a family rather than all day in the kitchen cooking and then being exhausted to enjoy the time when the family gathers. I do hope too 2017 is a kinder year for you and yours as well as me and mine. I think I'm getting too old for all the drama and trauma and stress.

Happy New Year!


Jon said...

I'm glad you had a pleasant Christmas and are optimistic for the New Year. That's all we can hope for. Keeping things simple is a great idea. Now that I live entirely alone, in the wilderness, I keep everything much more simple than I used to - especially the holidays. I strung up some colored lights inside the house, because I always love looking at them. They give me a good feeling.

Your opal ring is beautiful - and those Christmas cookies look fantastic!
Your jaunt through the local neighborhoods to see the Xmas decorations reminded me of being a child. My father always drove around so we could see the lights (sooo long ago...).

Have a super New Year!

Susan said...

Dear Taryterre.What a totally gorgeous new ring. Thank you so much for your sweet visits. Love them. You are a faithful and kind blog peeps. Hope your new year is totally wonderful, filled with many good experiences. Susan

Paula said...

We looked at the pretty lights in our area one night recently. I'm not into holidays at all but appreciate the reason for the season. Give money to kids and grandkids. Just too hard for me to shop now days. I do good to go buy groceries. Wishing you a very good 2017.

Ken Riches said...

We keep it simple as well, small tree with color wheel. No outside lights. Hope you have a better 2017.

Red Rose Alley said...

That Opal ring is soooo pretty. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, Taryterre. You and husband are going to love the bigger tv screen. I know what you mean about living in the moment with no clean-up. That sounds nice, doesn't it? There is a neighborhood next to mine that has lit-up houses, and we took a drive just like you to see all the grand holiday displays.

I hope the new year is a bright one for you and me, Taryterre! And may so much goodness come your way. :)

love, ~Sheri

Danielle L Zecher said...

Your ring is really pretty.

I think a lot of us were really happy to see the last of 2016. It seems like it was a really bad year for a lot of people. I hope 2017 is off to a better start for you.