Sunday, March 26, 2017



Purses are personal like men’s wallets. They have to fit your lifestyle. They come in an assortment of designers, colors, sizes and prices.  No matter how I have tried to use a smaller purse I always gravitate to the large ones. Bags that have lots of compartments to accommodate my needs.  I need a couple outside pockets, one for my phone and one for my keys. Inside I need a compartment for my wallet. One for my makeup. Another for my change purse. And journals, a book or my kindle. I do not like hobo bags where you just throw everything into a big hole and that’s that. You then spend the rest of your life digging through everything to find one thing. And that drives me bonkers. Trendy is not my thing either. I’m not into cutesy wootsy. As for designers. I consider them if the price is right. And the purse has what I need. But not just to be wearing a name only. If you shop THRIFTS you will find a wide variety of NOVELTY purses to compliment every style and budget. Here are a few I ran into in my travels that were fun to look at, but stayed put in the store. 










Between me and you, it’s really a personal preference to choose and buy a purse PREVIOUSLY used. I do not have a problem with it for the most part. I’ve picked up some real expensive pieces for only a few bucks… but it depends on the condition of the item. I think buying new if you scout out bargains is ok too. Purses are now going for over $200. It’s unbelievable, don’t you think? What kind of purses do you like? 


Mevely317 said...

Good grief, but this resonates! both my mother and BF were so 'into' purse shopping, I liked to die from boredom. Then, I go and go to work for a woman who practically owns every Coach bag ever produced. (Some are seriously ugly, you know?)
I'm not especially particular about purses, but - like you - I need lots of compartments. I've taken to carrying what a former boss called a, "diaper bag." Then, when I have to actually go inside a store I carry my clutch w/ cell phone and drivers license, etc.

Red Rose Alley said...

Wow, $200 is a lot to spend on a purse! I have a couple of purses, but usually just take my wallet around when I shop. Whenever I go to events though, I'll carry a purse, but I don't like lugging it around that often.

I like the second purse on here, Taryterre. I think it makes sense to have all the compartments you're looking for when buying a new purse. I like that last purse, it looks like a sewing pattern?

love, ~Sheri

betty said...

Those were some cute purses. I don't carry one. When I drive, I carry my license and other cards in a card case and usually just take my phone with me (and the keys of course). When I don't drive, I take nothing with me (though lately I've been trying to take my license since hubby says I should carry ID with me at all times). If we travel, I may carry a simple bag with the necessities of travel (hair brush, tablet, card case, camera, cell phone, etc.)


Jon said...

I think my Mom had more purses than Queen Elizabeth. Some of them were so large and heavy that she could have easily killed a mugger with one swing....
I have enough trouble handling a small wallet. I only wish I had some money to put in it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have a lot of purses and love the kind with compartments and lots of room for everything. After years of working I got in the habit of carrying a little bit of everything, just in case. Still do that but really could downsize the size of my purse, just like I downsized the size of my house. I really don't need to carry so much anymore, but just in case, I still do it. Part of downsizing was donating several purses and I hope someone enjoys them. Along with everything else I had way too many. Ha!

jack69 said...

YEP! A woman after my girl's heart. Give her COMPARTMENTS! You described her needs to a 'T'. She will use one until it is WORN OUT, and usually from a yard sale or Thrift store. BUT they all look good (and weight a ton). LOL

Lori said...

I so agree. I have picked up some really nice purses at thrift shops. I, like you, always seem to end up getting a bigger purse than I had planned. I don't like to change up purses. I usually buy a purse and use it 'til it wears out. lol

Paula said...

I have a lot of purses but end up using the same one until it looks ragged out. I hate purses or bags, everything always falls to the bottom except for the little pocket on the outside where I carry my cell phone. Isn't that little denim skirt one cute for a teenager? I think designer bags are such a waste of money unless it comes from a thrift store.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

There's no way I could justify paying $200 for a purse. I usually have a black one for winter and a light colored one for spring/summer since I hate changing purses. There was a time when I had different colors and would match up my purse with whatever color shoes I was wearing. Now I'm happy if I can just find one that has a place for my cell phone and it must have a zippered compartment on the outside to put my money in. Oh, and it must be a shoulder bag, too, and not too big.

Alice said...

I like the Travelon purses on QVC. Lots of organization, a flashlight, A leash to attach your keys RIDC protection for your credit cards and usually $40 or so. No way would I spend big money on a purse.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I like the novel, the rose, and the skirt purse, but I don't think any of those would be big enough for me. I always carry a big purse (except on vacation), and it has to have a shoulder strap. My dad calls it a suitcase and my husband calls it a boat anchor.

We went for haircuts right before vacation and I had already switched to the little purse. Nick picked it up, and the lady who cuts our hair was very nice, but was all like "I think you've picked up someone else's purse, that one is too small to be Danielle's". Apparently everyone associates me with a giant purse.

I've bought a few used ones. I'm fine with them as long as their in reasonably good condition and don't smell like cigarettes. I'd never pay $200.00 for one!

Carol Z said...

I've stopped using a purse and put my wallet and keys in a makeup bag in my zippered tote bag. I was carrying too much around and it was way too heavy. Never thought I would go in this direction, but it works for me.