Sunday, March 5, 2017


Years ago… you could walk into a furniture store, buy something, and have it delivered the next week and they would put it in place for you... and you could use it, and that was that. Not anymore. Now you have to carry it home yourself. You get a box full of instructions and you have to put the furniture together, building it from a pile of pieces, inside the box. For older folks it can be a struggle. I do not know part A from part B. But carrying that HEAVY box can hurt your back or break your toes. I got tired of operating my computer from the floor because I couldn’t get up from there. So… three months ago we bought a desk. My husband and I lugged the thing home. That was no easy task.

Then… carefully he removed the pieces from the box, littering our living room floor with them… and one by one, he put them together. Halfway through the process… he discovered the company put the wrong pieces in the box and he couldn’t finish it. No drawers. There were supposed to be three. So he called the company and they assured him they would send him the parts as soon as they could. But they told him they were on backorder and there would be a small waiting period, of a month. He said that was ok. Then… he got the desk as put together as it could be, so I could temporarily use it. And we waited. And waited and waited for the other pieces, so he could finish it. No parts, no finished product, three months later. We’re still waiting. I do not know how much longer it will be. Like I said I’m using it. But it was only supposed to be temporary. There are holes everywhere over the desk surface because the piece I’m using for the top is actually the bottom. It’s the part the drawers attach to and then another piece of wood goes on top of that. Truth is my hubby still has a jigsaw puzzle to sort through, when the parts arrive. Such a chore. As much money as we paid for this desk… it should have come complete without this inconvenience. At one point, they offered our money back and my husband said yes. When he said surely you don’t expect us to return the desk as is? How would we transport it? They changed their mind and said the parts would be forthcoming. So we wait. But I think the next phone call will be about reimbursing us, period. Don’t you think we’ve waited long enough for this project to be completed? On the other hand, it’s better than nothing, as is. Right?

my desk so far
minus the drawers

the way it's supposed to look complete.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never been good at assembling anything. The instructions usually only confuse me. In your case the missing parts certainly didn't make things easy. Hopefully the parts come soon or yes, I'd be returning it for sure. I'm so glad I still have a desk that has been around for years. It's needs some cosmetic work, but I can handle that.

jack69 said...

Nothing much more frustrating than a puzzle with missing pieces! That is what you have. YEP This is long enough. I think most folk expect you to just get frustrated and say forget it, keep the money, it ain't worth the bother. DON'T DO THAT. DEMAND a refund. Have themn send a ups Truck to pack it and take it back.
YELL loudly at the seller. BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! You paid for a full desk.

Mevely317 said...

OMG but y'all have the patience of Job. I'd be so cross! (Then again, I've never been able to make sense out of written directions.)

I like Jack's advice. If not, publicly SHAME them!

Jon said...

What a rotten ordeal to have to go through! I can fully relate to this - having gone through similar experiences in the past. I've never had parts of the furniture missing, but I've had them mislabeled and cut wrong - with the holes for screws in the wrong places.

It seems like EVERYTHING that we buy today has to be assembled (and this inconvenience doesn't reduce the high prices). Pretty soon they'll have us assembling automobiles.

I hope you get your money back!!

betty said...

You have gone beyond patience waiting for this to be resolved. Time to notify some consumer group who would esnt to expose the company for its lack of customer service.


Red Rose Alley said...

Taryterre, what a pain. I think that you waited a long time for the parts to come in. I know what you mean about the good 'ole days when we could just order a piece of furniture, they deliver it to us, set it up for us, and we enjoy. What happened to all of that? Surely we should get what we pay for. But this desk will be nice once you finally put it all together. It has a cool design. So sorry you had to go through this though.

love, ~Sheri

Lisa said...

Well you are more patient than me. You need to put a boot in their azz and get the rest of your purchased product!
It is a really cute desk though. Hope you get it put together in full soon!
Go get em!!!

Forty Pound Sack said...

pretty much all of my furniture came assembly required. I once bought something so heavy, I had to remove the pieces from the box in the store parking lot and load them into my car a few at a time. Then up the stairs at home, a few at a time. What a pain! I now order from Amazon or Wayfair when I can. Still needs to be assembled, but at least it's delivered to my home.

I, too, think they owe you a refund. I would email them, and tell them to please email their response so you can share it (and encourage your friends to share it) on social media. Even if you don't use social media, they don't know that. :) Good luck!!

Linda said...

I have never bought even one piece of furniture that needed assembly beyond a baby bed or a regular bed which is just assembling the sides and ends. Tell them they must come get the desk because you are not capable of getting it back to them. Tell them they will have to pay you so you can hire someone to return it. Refuse to be responsible for rectifying their mistake. You bought it in good faith and expect them to live up to their end of the deal. Remember to use the words "in good

This is a good reason to buy antiques beyond the beauty and thrift of doing so and getting all wood.