Saturday, January 16, 2010


Books are amazing. They transport you to places you’ve never been before. I love the smell and feel of a new book. To be the first to read it, is a privilege. Afterwards, I always donate it to the library, so that others can share in its joy. With funding cuts in this economy, they appreciate the donation. I’m glad I can afford to help. While I delight in my own personal collection of bestsellers and classics… there is something special about going to the library, where all those books are housed in one place. So many titles, so many choices. And, all FREE to enjoy for a limited time. Of course, bookstores offer the same thrill, but with the opportunity to actually KEEP, the brand new book, for a price. It feels good to know a book actually belongs to you, so you can then, read it at your leisure. But in today‘s world, technology is changing our simple pleasures. It wasn’t long ago, I filled my living room with newspapers… nowadays, I read those articles online. Less clutter. Imagine books being permanently replaced with electronic devices called E-READERS. The data is downloaded onto it. No more pages to be turned, just buttons to push. Nothing to cradle in the palms of your hands, except a little screen, to read. I always said a book on my nightstand is non-negotiable. For Christmas, my hubby got me a Kindle. It’s redefining the way I think. I haven’t decided if that’s a good or a bad thing. As long as I can READ, I guess I’m happy.


LYN said...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We have five bookcases full, I do not think we will ever go totally electronic. As a matter of fact, we do not have a kindle or such.

Sonya said...

I am wondering if I would like a kindle. I think I kinda like touching the book and it's pages. I'm rough on a book, and I'd be rough with the kindle toting it around. Different people like different things though. So I'll be anxious to see how you like it after a while.
Take care!