Friday, June 25, 2010


I deliberately let my backyard, become wild and over grown… to give my patio retreat, a more rustic feel. I have the woods, right outside my back door. It feels good to be ONE with nature. It’s been hot, though. Over 90 degrees. A glass of spring water, with a slice of lemon, quenches my thirst, as I try desperately to catch a breeze. Stagnant air and high humidity hinder any progress made in that direction. Beads of sweat line my brow. A makeshift fan made from a paper-plate, exerts more of my energy, than providing relief from the heat… so the idea is abandoned. I persist in my pursuit of a wilderness STAY-CATION. But it requires me to hang tough. Ants and mosquitoes spar for my attention... attacking from every possible angle. Shaking off ankles, or swatting at my arms provides minimal protection, but doesn't ease the pressure of their presence… so the nuisance prevails. I wanted the woods. That’s what I got. Feeling parched, I take another sip of water. The heat is almost unbearable. Overhead, the buzzing of an airplane disrupts my solitude. I gaze up, from my woodsy habitat, trying to zero in on its exact location in the sky. Can’t see it through the blazing sunlight and towering trees. Leaning back in my rocking chair, I relax. Time stands still here, as the minutes click away. The sun eventually sets, and ambient light fades away… while lightening bugs begin to dance around, adding natural footlights to the scenery. It feels good to let the night, gently take hold. Technology takes a backseat out here…. However, the din of the air conditioner unit creates a rhythmic sound that blends with the singing tree frogs, Great Horned Owl's hooting and crickets chirping... and provides a brief reality check. It’s nice to know… civilization is mere footsteps away, should I wimp out and want to go back inside, where it’s nice and cool.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you have a refuge to go to. He have not brought up our portable AC units, but it has only been really hot a few nights. I am sure that will change.

Lori said...

It's wonderful to have the best of both worlds!