Saturday, December 18, 2010


Worried that the temperature outside was dropping into the single digits… I hurried out to my car, to bring in the two six-packs of raspberry tea, still in the trunk. I didn’t want the bottles to freeze. Last year, I had a bottle of soda pop explode in there. Besides making a mess, I almost wrecked my car, when the thing went off. And, I didn’t want a repeat performance. It had snowed the night before, so my hubby had cleared off all the snow sitting on top of my trunk, so I could get inside. But there was still some residual ice, hanging around, making it difficult to close. With the tea in hand, I slammed the lid shut, best as I could, and made my way back inside. Two days passed before I had occasion to venture back out to my car. But when I did, it was because I needed to go to the store. It was 5 degrees, with the sun shining. Angry because my remote car starter wasn’t working, I had to manually do it. Everything was frozen, though. My car door didn’t want to open. I had to struggle with it for 5 minutes. When I finally put my key in the ignition, all I heard was CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! The battery was dead. I called my husband. He decided to come home early, from work. Meanwhile, he told me where to find the battery cables in the garage, so he could jump start it, when he got here. He said the current battery was the original one, so it was time to replace it. My hubby had an hour and a half drive home, and might not make it here, before the store closed. So, I could be without a car for a couple days. That made me antsy. I didn't want to be stranded. I wanted this problem resolved sooner, rather than later. Instead of waiting for him, when my daughter got back, I suggested she help me, instead. We attached the jumper cables between her jeep and my car, getting just enough juice to start my engine. I kept it running, making the decision to head up to Sears, for a new battery, praying the charge would hold until I got there. Fortunately, it did. Thank goodness for small miracles. The mechanic asked me if I knew my trunk lid was open, too. I said, “No, I didn‘t!” But that explained the dead battery. My trunk lid is connected to a power source, a light. For two days it sat open, in freezing temps, wearing down the battery. Mystery solved. So all I needed now, was the brand NEW battery, to get me going again. While I watched Oprah in the waiting room… the store clerk and my husband, via cell phone... decided WHICH one. It took an hour to put it in. Installation was not straightforward because of where the manufacturer has the battery situated in the Stratus. But... the guys at Sears, got it done. And I’m back on the road, just in time for Christmas.


madcobug said...

What a time you had. Glad that it ended well.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Better to have it happen at home than out and about. I have a dead vehicle in the garage that I am taking care of tomorrow now that my other priorities have been accomplished. Happy Holidays to you.