Friday, December 3, 2010


Years ago, when my hubby and I lived in the mountains of Pennsylvania… at Christmastime, we would buy a LIVE evergreen tree to grace our home for the holiday season. It would fill our humble abode with the fragrant smell of fresh pine and delighted us to no end. When the NEW year came, we would plant the tree outside, somewhere on our property and it became a permanent part of the landscape. This family tradition lasted until economics forced us to leave the region and migrate to the Midwest. Live evergreens weren’t readily available where we settled, so we began to buy fresh cut pines for our Christmas celebrations. But they came at a huge price and were always laden with trouble. We could never get the tree to sit upright in the stand and despite our best efforts, it dropped pine needles all over the place. After fighting this hassle for several years, we decided there must be a better way. It was then, we discovered the ARTIFICIAL tree. The simplicity of the concept, wowed us. We were hooked. Why hadn’t we done this sooner? Content with our decision, to go FAKE, we adapted. We could still get that fragrant smell of evergreen, by using liquid potpourri or scented candles… so our home was filled with holiday cheer. Over the years, since that first one, we’ve had a variety of artificial trees. Some were easier to maneuver. Others were purchased because they were prelit. Many were donated, decorations and all. Our most recent tree is about 7 years old. There are two pieces, to it. It stands about 6ft tall. It is called a TWIG tree. I fell in love with it, the moment I saw it. The branches are just a little more sparse, than your average tree. But it looks so realistic, you’d swear it came straight from the forest. Although it’s a cinch to put up and take down… I have a confession to make. Last year, after the twelve days of Christmas… I left it standing, firmly in place, in the corner of my family room. It was so gorgeous with it’s sparkling white twinkle lights, golden garland and crimson red bulbs...why destroy it? I thought my husband would nix the idea of a year round tree. But to my utter amazement, he said, “Christmas is only 11 months away. Let’s keep it up.” During the seemingly endless spring, summer and autumn months, the tree’s presence sparked serious debate about our decision to keep it decorated. But when songs of Christmas began playing on the radio, right before Thanksgiving, this year… I felt vindicated.  It was only then, we flipped on the switch, lighting all the lights on the tree. Until then... it had remained dark, all throughout the year. Still pristine and beautiful, it glistened, radiating joy. I smiled... with tears in my eyes. Time flies. All those months, of waiting for Santa to return, had finally melted away. Now, here I am, basking in the glory of a new holiday season, sharing my little secret with you. Have you ever been, naughty, and kept your Christmas Tree up, year round? It might just become a NEW holiday tradition, here at our house. What do you think?


LYN said...

I think that's a wonderful idea!
After years with our Artificial tree we went with a real one this year..they are so cheap this year..don't know why..but anyway I'm enjoying the fragrance...will post pics on my blog soon..Merry Christmas!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Never had a desire to keep the tree up, our abode is small and it takes up a prominent position. We did our decorating today, so the spirit is in the air.