Friday, June 10, 2011


They jumped off the display shelf, into my field of vision, two seconds after I made my grand entrance into the store. Placed there by design to draw attention, they captured mine. I whispered, "How about a future in my closet?" Against the backdrop of ordinary colors, these particular shoes stirred a passion deep within. The old standards… white, taupe, navy, black, and saddle brown, just couldn't hold a candle. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty and I knew looking at the pair on display wasn't enough. It was time to get serious. The question was, did they have them in my size? Goosebumps began forming on my upper arms. Grabbing the shoes off the display, I started the search. I found a salesclerk to help me with this investigation. "Follow me," she said. And off we went through rows and rows of shoes stacked six foot high. Further and further we got from the front of the store, twisting and winding ourselves through the maze of boxes. "Here! Here they are," she smiled. "Shall I let you rummage through the sizes on the boxes or would you like me to do it?" Convinced she wouldn't find my size, I consented to allow her a cursory look before diving in myself. But amazingly she pulled a 6w from the pile almost immediately. "Here they are. Chairs are over against the wall if you want to try them on. I'll be up front if you need me." My hands trembled as we made the exchange. She got her display model back and I got the prize. I hesitated just a moment before opening the box. I hoped I wouldn't be disappointed.  I carefully unwrapped the tissue paper. There they were, lying side by side. I sat there gazing at them affectionately. A big grin spread across my face. "I like you. I really like you." Without fanfare or further ado… first one, then the other slid on my feet. They fit perfectly. And felt so-ooo comfortable. Enamoured by my find, I carefully packed them back in the box. This new addition to my closet would be there every morning saying hello, to get the drab out of each day. Chartreuse colored sneakers.  Imagine that. They made my day.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Comfort Shoes :o)

Nelle said...

I love chartreuse. Anyway we could see a pic? :)


When I get my camera working, I'll try to post one.