Saturday, May 17, 2014


We love looking at old houses wherever we go. There are quite a few on Market Street, near here. During the holidays all the houses there are decked out in style on that two mile run. There is one particular house that is ninety years old. We like it because of it's angular roof. Riding past this house at the beginning of the year... we noticed it looked out of place. Literally. It was up on jacks, at least five to six feet off the ground. We stopped to have a closer look. Amazingly none of the windows cracked when they lifted it. The contractor told us the basement walls had caved in and the house was in danger of collapsing had they not jacked it up off the foundation. First step in repairing it is to remove the old foundation. Then... they have to build a new one. To do that they made a trench and partial tunnel from the front yard to under where the house is currently sitting. This allows them to re-pour new walls. Then... they have to wait for the concrete to cure, before lowering the house, back in place. The family was staying somewhere else while the work was being done. It took almost four months to complete. We thought this was fascinating. Have you ever seen a house lifted off it's foundation? 



jaz@octoberfarm said...

wow...that must be costing them a small fortune!

Formerly known as Frau said...

wow that is something! I've watched shows on HDTV and they have done that for the same reasons...I've live where they relocated a historical house closed off roads and moved it on semi trucks....I do like the roof line too. Happy weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have seen homes lifted and moved to another location before. I'm glad they were able to save that old house and put in a new foundation. I agree the cost must have been costly for sure.

Jon said...

That's an incredible amount of trouble (and expense) to go through, but it looks like a wonderful old house and was undoubtedly worth saving.

I've seen houses moved before, but I've never seen one lifted to save the basement. Very unusual.

betty said...

That house has so much charm! I love it! I can see why they would go through so much work to fix the foundation, rather than just condemn the house and tear it down, etc. This was fascinating to read about; I didn't even realize it was possible to lift a house like this! I'm amazed too it only took four months to get it all done (you wonder what the cost of it was).

Thanks for sharing!


Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

I can understand why they have to go through all that trouble. The house is full of character and you won't get that with the new houses these days.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend


Paula said...

Interesting post. John bought several old houses when they made a new highway through San Antonio several years ago. Had them moved out here on some lots and sold them.

Hollie said...

WOW!! I haven't seen this done! Very interesting post!! Thank you for sharing!!

Rose said...

Amazing! I'm curious about the cost

Mevely317 said...

I, too, am astonished at this process.
Tho' our own little 'tract' home is only 10 y/o, already I'm weary of the cost simply to maintain. Glad to see the current owners love their home enough to put up with the discomfort and expense.

Debbie Moss said...

Amazing! I won`t mind moving my home to the countryside! Although its made of brick and doubt that would ever be possible! :0)
Thanks for sharing!
Greetings all the way from England.

Red Rose Alley said...

No, I've never seen a house lifted off the ground, and you took some good pictures of this, Taryterre. That is a long process and it takes many months to get this house back in order again. I can't believe how old it is! Old houses like this are so charming, and I'd love to see this street all decorated around the holidays. What a sight.

Have a great week.


Lori said...

I have seen a house about that size moved to a new location. I didn't see them jack it up, but I saw them moving it, and it is still sitting where it was moved. Still is lived in and looks like it is in good shape.

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Wow- what a feat! It's amazing to me that they can lift these houses up and even move them miles away.

Weekend-Windup said...

The house looks very beautiful. People in olden days make simple and good construction. They are so powerful than now.
I have seen lifting the house and moving to other place in Discovery channel!

Red Rose Alley said...

You were born on a Wednesday? My son was too, and he is a beautiful you are, my friend.


Kay said...

It is so cool how they can move buildings like that.

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DD said...

I love this old house! It is an absolute thing of beauty. I have never seen this done, I don't believe. I have heard of it.
Very interesting post.