Monday, May 16, 2016


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Our daily routine has become staid and mediocre at best. I had BIG plans for my birthday this year. It’s a MILESTONE one. We were ecstatic. A BUCKET LIST trip to someplace my husband and I have never been before. The intent was to let loose. Be ourselves and have fun. “Before my numbers up, I’m going to fill my cup. I’m going to  live until I  die.” We wanted to capture ocean breezes and breathe fresh air.  Do a little sightseeing. And just rejuvenate. But all of that is now on hold. Sh!t happens. And it did BIG time here on the home front. Someone very dear to us... is now in the throes of getting a divorce. It has been gut wrenching to watch. The meaning of MENTAL CRUELTY does not begin to describe what has happened to her. In good conscience I can not contemplate the notion of a celebration at this time, much less an adventure into the unknown... for any of us.  So for now, my husband and I... STAY PUT. And… we help her deal with the mess this man has made of her life. LOVE comes. Love goes. It endures. After she made a twenty year investment in a future that is no longer on the horizon... I’m hoping time will heal her broken heart and her empty bank account. Please say a prayer that she finds her way… on this new journey she is faced with… to rebuild her life. She has a long row to hoe. But I want her to know she is not alone.

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A few songs on my mind today…

I have always been more touched by lyrics than melodies.

I'm Gonna Live Till I Die

That's Life

WARNING there will be a STUPID commercial 
for some awful movie at the beginning 
of the next two songs. Get past it and 
this song is beautiful.

Like I'm Gonna Lose You 

And this one is just plain FUN.

Dear Future Husband


Back Porch Writer said...

I have an idea, why don't all three of you go on vacation? lol
Seriously, I hate that someone is going through this. Nice of you to be there for them. It's hard, but it gets easier down the road once acceptance happens. Currently reading Divorce Sucks. It sometimes puts a funny spin on it. Perhaps that would be a good one to read - easy read. I'm not going through one (that I know of) but chose the book b/c of the person that wrote it. Anyway, have a good today. So glad you are back on the blogging scene.

Jon said...

It is so good and completely selfless of you to forfeit your birthday plans in order to be with someone in need. Obviously she is in desperate need of help and support and it's comforting to know you are there. I can fully understand the agony of spousal abuse - my mother endured more of it than anyone would believe.

I hope you can all stay strong during these difficult times. And I hope you'll be able to have a very pleasant birthday at home. You can always have another celebration at a future time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is strange how life can quickly change our plans. I will keep your dear one in my prayers. Divorce is never easy and I've witnessed it's cruelty. Every day we have is a blessing and life is to be celebrated so even though you don't get to go where you'd like, try to have a Happy Birthday !

betty said...

I am sad to read this; so sorry this is happening to someone dear to you. Divorce is such an ugly thing; that's why I think God hates it so much; what it does to people that once pledged their love forever to each other.

So sorry that you put your trip on hold, but I understand the reasons behind it. I do hope you do something special on that milestone birthday of yours. Will say a prayer.


Mevely317 said...

Oh, no! I seriously believe you personify the definition of what it means to be a friend.

While you may not be able to change the outcome, what counts is your stand in her corner.
... I've a hunch the Universe hasn't overlooked your unselfishness.

Prayers going up!

Lisa said...

I Think differently. I feel bad for anyone going through a bad marriage and divorce but unless its your own daughter, Son, father or mother, you still have your own life to live. Dont cancel your dream plans.
We get one life. live it.
But like everyone else is saying your are such a sweet and unselfish person to be there for this person.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You are a very loving and caring person to want to give up your special birthday plans to help this person. I can tell they mean a lot to you and of course you want to be there for them. Don't put off your plans, just put them on hold until a better time. I will pray for all of you. Hugs, Cheryl

Paula said...

Sounds very much like what went on in our family and is still going on and probably will always go on because of a controller type.

Susan said...

How very kind of you and your hubs to postpone your trip to help a friend. Taryterre, just tell yourselves it is POSTPONED, not canceled forever. The time you spend helping will be returned to you 100 fold. I am sorry for the disappointment of the young woman. I hope you and your hubs will give her strength and support.

Thank you so much for all your visits to my posts. Love seeing that you have visited. Susan

jack69 said...

There are mean words in the English language such as CANCER, Alzheimers and right there with those is DIVORCE! I hate the word, I am sure I hate the reasons behind the Divorce more.

I do hate to hear it. You are sweet to CARE and be there.

Sheila Y said...

Divorce is terrible for the ones going through it and hard for the family and friends that love them. You are doing what you feel is right for your dear one and the trip will happen when the time is right.
Take care, Sheila

Red Rose Alley said...

Taryterre, I'M SO SORRY your dear friend is going through this right now. I will definitely say a prayer for her right now. You are such a good friend to her and even postponed your birthday plans. She will always remember who was there for her in this most difficult time. We should all be so lucky to have such a devoted friend like you.

love, ~Sheri

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday, Taryterre. Me and you have birthdays very close to one another. I knew we were kindred spirits........