Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The only patio I have these days is off the front of my house, near the driveway. This is  because the one out back is overgrown. The front one is devoid of character, antiseptic and gives you a front row seat into the lives of everybody around the neighborhood. You see them come and go. I really do not find it a peaceful place where I can unwind and relax, much less read a book,  because we are on display out there too. But it is all I have to work with, so I reluctantly sit there. For a while now, I have wanted to put a canopy or umbrella over the small table we have out there to block out the sun during the hottest part of the afternoon. My husband was not on board with this, so I let it go. But when my best friend showed me hers on Skype, I was smitten. It was charming. The perfect setting to read or drink a glass of tea or lemonade. So I was determined to make my patio more hospitable too. After looking around at the local garden shops and superstores I zeroed in on one umbrella I liked, really liked. 

But the trouble was it was too expensive. And it was too large and heavy to accommodate our small area. So once again, I let my dream go and stopped trying to make this front patio a cozy retreat... because it just isn’t going to be. End of story. Then I found myself shopping in a Kmart that was going out of business. There in a bin were some patio umbrellas for under $29.  All had been opened and rummaged through and missing parts. But I found one similar to the expensive one I had been looking at elsewhere, sitting at the  bottom of the bin,  still sealed.  It was lightweight and designed for smaller spaces. I grabbed it and brought it home. 

Then, I sprung the discovery on my husband. He was not thrilled one way or another that I had found something. But he opted to set it up for me that night. Suffice to say I was tickled pink by the prospect of having it put in place. 

He took the stand

Then the umbrella

And put them together.

Then sat down to admire his accomplishment.

 It turned out to be the perfect fit. 

I was duly impressed.

Now I’m ready to rumble.
or READ.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have an umbrella that is very similar here on my patio. Trouble is that I didn't buy the base that it sits in and any good breeze takes it away and over goes the table. The only time now I can put it up is when there is not breeze. Glad you were able to find yours and can enjoy it.

betty said...

I like it! Any "little" thing like that to bring a little joy or happiness I think is of great benefit! Enjoy!


jack69 said...

I am with Betty here. I think hubby will come around. I understand your wanting to enjoy the outside, now you can more comfortably, go ahead RUMBLE!

Red Rose Alley said...

I think that umbrella was calling your name, Taryterre. It's colorful and just the size you were looking for. That's nice of your husband to set it up, and now you can both enjoy the patio on those not so hot days. It's been pretty hot here lately, 105 degrees.

Stay cool.

love, ~Sheri

Mevely317 said...

Small gestures can mean the world! So glad you're now able to fully enjoy your patio retreat.

Jon said...

I'm glad you finally have a cozy retreat - I like the colors in the umbrella. Guard it carefully. I had one in Texas and the wind destroyed it and blew it away!

I also used to have a glass-top table like your - - unfortunately it was one of the many things the movers "lost" when I came to TN.

Linda said...

Keep it down unless you are out there. Mine was attached to a table, right through the middle. A friend refused to put it down because he was going back out to read. Well, the wind caught it because he "forgot" to crank it down.

If I were there, I would sit with my back to traffic and neighbors. I put my swing near my retaining wall that looks down on a road. All my friends said I should face the road so I could see who comes and goes. No way. I like looking at the trees, and bushes and flowers, and my chickens.

Nice umbrella.

Can you two slowly clear out your space out back?

Susan said...

Oh Taryterre...I am SO HAPPY for you. The umbrella is perfect, just perfect. Kudos to your hubs. Enjoy sitting in the outside. And Taryterre, thanks for your visits. Love them. Susan

Sheila Y said...

It was meant to be! Enjoy your new space! Sheila

baili said...

Your hubby did great job dear umbrella looks nice and attractive
Hope you enjoy your times under this

Best wishes from Asia

Back Porch Writer said...

ha it. I think God sometimes helps us to find the desires of our hearts if we are willing to wait for it. Glad your hubby got involved. So there are two chairs and he can enjoy too! ;-)

John Gray said...

Am loving your deadpan expressions

Lisa said...

I think your Husband like it. Though he would probably never admit it. It looks great! Now I want wheres my husband?