Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am livid. I want to scream, but all I can do is cry. The contractor hired to do cement work, and put in a small patio, here at my house… has cruelly yanked out my beloved rhododendron plants. These plants were murdered. They were supposed to be dug up and transplanted to another spot. Instead, one of them is now torn to shreds and the other one barely has a root system in place. I doubt it will survive my attempt to save it. How could this man have been so barbaric? It’s just as much trouble… to take a living, breathing plant, out of the ground properly, as it is to hacksaw it to death. I am seething with anger. In twenty minutes or less, he destroyed ten years of beautiful blooms. And unfortunately, I was too late to catch him in the process. I would have read him the riot act. What a jerk. He was scheduled to come out here on Saturday… so there would have been ample time to transplant. But since he arrived so early… there was no time to prepare for the madness that ensued. If he had the decency to ask me… what to do with the plants… I would have told him.  But he took matters into his own hands and destroyed the rhododendrons that I loved, so much. I made assumptions, I shouldn’t have. And I will never forgive myself. I don’t care about the stupid patio anymore. It will be a reminder... of the terror, my plants endured. I miss my purple flowers and the beautiful leafy branches that held them. How sad, today is. How sad.

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