Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Torrential rain hit here. And as usual, yours truly got caught in the downpour. But this time I was prepared, or thought I was. I saw lots of people running for cover, but no umbrellas. People don’t carry them, anymore. I wonder why? Little did I know, I was about to find out.  I remembered… I had a pocketbook umbrella and snatched it from my purse, in a flash. I would be protected. Unfortunately, I had never opened it before this emergency, and was shocked to discover… it barely covered me. My back and hair got soaked, as I ventured farther from my car. And my feet were sloshing through a couple inches of water, just trying to get inside. SQUISH. SQUISH. Then, I had the wet umbrella to contend with. What do you do with a wet umbrella, to dry it off? Open it up and lay it on the floor? Couldn’t, I was in a store… so I folded it back up and put it in the cart, dripping wet. Meanwhile, I had to drip and dry, myself. What a mess! I should have driven home. Truth be told… I like the basic concept of an umbrella… it’s designed to shed water and keep you dry. I just got a little peeved, because this one didn’t do its job. Maybe, the rain was coming down, too fast and furious, just pounding too hard, for it to be effective… because, let’s face it, I got drenched... carrying it. But, maybe it was just this particular umbrella. I bought it a year ago, for ten dollars... because I wanted something, small and compact, to stick inside my purse... just in case, a storm like this, hit. So, it was never tested until now. And… boy oh boy, did it FAIL. Guess you get what you pay for.  It seems the manufacturer was a bit chintzy on the fabric and construction. Too bad, I didn’t know about that, ahead of time. I would have just waited for the storm to blow over and in the process, stayed dry. For… all its fury, the rain only lasted, fifteen minutes or so. I could have, easily, entertained myself in the car, listening to oldies but goodies on the radio. On the other hand, what would I have to write about? Do you carry an umbrella?

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