Sunday, September 20, 2009


Two pigeons are sitting high on a wire, directly over my car, in the parking lot of a local eatery. I bet my windshield is splattered with their business by the time I get outside. Maybe the predicted rain will begin falling, to wash it off, so I won’t have to get a car wash. Fifty/Fifty chance. I came here looking for a relaxing cup of raspberry tea, and a much deserved respite… now it looks as though I’ll have to contend with more crap. The home improvement saga at my house continues. The concrete in the new patio has been poured. The surface of it was smoothed out, in some places, and roughed up in others. So, its overall appearance looks shoddy. He tells me the surface will wear off, looking more uniform as time goes by. I can only hope and pray it will. Add to this the fact, the contractor took it upon himself to fill in an open spot behind my front porch, that nobody told him to. He didn’t use forms, so the concrete dripped down the sides, coming out uneven, with the rest of the porch. The edges aren’t smooth, so it looks like the cement has crumbled and is breaking off around the corners. He’s pronounced the project incomplete and claims filing it and sanding it will finish off the edges. He says he’ll do this soon. I guess with this guy, the finished product is all about visualization, seeing things how you want them to be, then accepting them as they are. Needless to say, I am disappointed. I’ve never heard more EXCUSES. If you can’t be PROUD of your work, what’s the point? Believe it or not, my husband PAID him. Meanwhile, the driveway was supposed to be resealed and that job was started and then left unfinished because of the weather forecast. I say why did they start at all? But who am I, in all of this… just the victim?

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