Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had an interesting day… And, it was quite unexpected. I went to run some errands, and ended up… with a front row spot, at an impromptu concert, in the center aisle, of my local Wal-Mart store. The scene unfolded like this. One kid was sitting there playing the drums, another was on the guitar, while their father stood at a microphone, singing along, karaoke style… all prompted by a big screen television, displaying the new interactive Beatles game. A small crowd gathered round to listen to their live performance. Hoots and hollers, with a smattering of applause, filled the makeshift arena… encouraging the trio, as they tried to emulate the Fab Four. It was quite a moment… They did a bang-up job. But, after a while… I decided it was time for me, to get busy and shop… since I didn’t come here to see a concert. So, before they finished their latest set… I left the area to find coasters, a tablecloth, and the rest of the stuff on my list. It took a while, to gather the things I needed, in part… because of all the material distractions, along the way. But finally, I got the job done. Heading to the cash registers… Imagine my surprise, to discover… the entertainers were still going strong, forty minutes later. The crowd had thinned out quite a bit, and seemed much quieter, than when I first got there, but… the musicians pressed on, nonetheless. Wal-Mart should have paid them for all the free publicity. It was very clever strategy to put an interactive display out there on the floor. Passerby’s inevitably wanted to become part of the act or be audience members. It turned into quite an advertisement for the product, not to mention a memory maker for the participants. The experience was PRICELESS. Thanksgiving and Christmas sales are right around the corner… looks like Wal-Mart got a big head start.

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