Friday, October 2, 2009


A year ago, I bought a new watch. It had a nightlight, showed the current date and had big numbers I could read without my glasses. It was two-tone silver and gold, with a bracelet band that opened and closed. I liked it, but it kept losing time… first, fifteen minutes, then, half an hour. Initially, I blamed the manufacturer and took it back to the store to complain. The store claimed it had an old battery and replaced it. Problem solved. I was ecstatic. With my watch fixed, I went about my business and stopped worrying about it. But a couple weeks later, the nightlight stopped working and the hour hands, slowed down again. TICK! TOCK! I took it back to the store. Jewelry clerk looked it over, tested it and determined it needed another new battery. “How is that possible?” I demanded to know, stating the battery had just been replaced. No explanation was given, except to say, that was the problem. The battery was dead. So, it was replaced again. Making the assumption, this battery thing was a coincidence… I rested easy knowing my watch, still had shelf life, off the shelf. TICK! TOCK! Three weeks later, the watch lost half an hour and the nightlight failed. I got mad. I wanted the store to replace the watch. After a lengthy, song and dance routine, the store refused. BUT… you guessed it, offered to replace the battery, claiming that was the only thing wrong. This prompted me to ask, “How old is your stock of batteries? This will be the third time in two months, you replaced it.” To which, I received a dirty look and the inevitable comment… “Our stock is current.” So I wondered what could be causing the problem? It was irritating and I was tired of dealing with it. With no solutions in sight, disgruntled, I left the store. TICK! TOCK! Sure enough, in a couple weeks, it failed again. This time… I took the watch from my wrist, put it in my jewelry box and went in search of a new one. On my birthday, I found one... different manufacturer, different store. For four months it’s been running fine. Yesterday, I noticed the nightlight stopped working. Here we go again…

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