Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My mailbox was full. I received a notice telling me I had a package too big to fit inside it. Since the post office was closed for the day, I’d have to come pick it up, the next day. Excited, I couldn’t wait. My SKELETON had arrived. You see DRACULA is buried in the back of my garage, hidden away behind all kinds of junk that accumulated throughout the year. So… it would be too much trouble to DIG him out, without emptying the entire garage. Life-size, with bloodshot eyes, and an infectious grin, he will be sorely MISSED this year at Halloween. I fell in love with him, in Chicago, six years ago… and he hitched a ride home with me. My faithful friend has stood on my porch, every October, since then, until this year. In years past, I would don my witch’s apparel… complete with warts, cobwebs and vampire teeth, dripping blood. Throughout my yard would be an assortment of ghouls, tombstones and ghosts, sitting in the grass or hanging from the trees. The kids loved it. It was great fun. But… as I’ve gotten older, the neighborhood children have grown and gone. I no longer see the TRICK or TREATERS I used to. So the theatrics stopped, for a few years, until DRACULA. Then, it was just he and I… year after year. BUT, now… this holiday, I’m feeling lonely without him… so I had to improvise and find something to REPLACE him. I cleverly made up a GOBLIN, sitting in a chair and put a PUMPKIN in his lap. But the LOOK wasn’t complete. So… I went online a week ago, and found myself, a life-size, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, SKELETON to sit on the opposite side of the porch. He’s the perfect companion, to my other new friend. This year… won’t be the same, without the VAMPIRE... but I’ll still be in the spirit... haunting anybody, who happens past… TRICK or TREATERS, or not.

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