Friday, October 9, 2009


On the way out to eat… I noticed a grasshopper on the windshield of the car. Clinging for dear life, the little bug maneuvered itself onto the windshield wipers, on the far right side of the vehicle. There it stayed quite content… sitting pretty, throughout downtown and then past the post office. This is quite a trek for people, not to mention a hitchhiking bug. But I noticed the poor little guy, beginning to get antsy, not long after the sightseeing commenced. When the car stopped at the first red light, he began trying to edge his way… left, across the seemingly endless expanse of the blades. I worried a gust of wind might carry him away, into traffic, when he shifted to the front edge of the wipers, instead of laying low, near the rear. Resilient… he hung on, as the car worked it’s way through town, slowing at intersections and stopping at stop signs, then speeding up again. Dinner out, was the intended destination, so when the car got close enough… I started plotting strategy. I wanted us to park near, the shrubbery, on the grounds of the restaurant, so the grasshopper could end his ride, without incident. Fortunately, there was the perfect parking space, next to a grassy island, complete with bushes and a tree. The car moved into position. On his journey… the grasshopper had successfully maneuvered to the left, driver’s side of the vehicle. That’s where he was, when we headed into eat. Throughout the meal, I speculated if he hopped off to start life someplace new? My question was answered a short time later, when we headed back to the car. There he was, still clinging to the wiper blade. A decision was made to end his adventure, and to put him out of his misery. He belonged, closer to nature. His wild ride was over. With the help of an old cardboard temporary tag, he was lifted from the car and set into the grass, next to a bush. I hope he likes his new digs. It was fun helping him move. I’m just glad it didn’t rain.

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