Friday, November 13, 2009


My car doesn’t define me. It is beige and boring… but I LIKE it. It’s a good solid, stable piece of machinery, that I use for transportation. It has a nice stereo system, too. When I was much younger, I owned an orange mustang… previously owned by an actress. I thought I was cool and hip… even with two children to drive around. The car lasted into their teens… when they increasingly, became embarrassed by the color. Too wild a ride, for a mom-mobile, they thought. But… they changed their minds, when young teenage boys, they knew… found it awesome. I think that’s when I realized I had outgrown it. So, I moved on to something more mature. No more fun and flirty for me… forget high maintenance… dependable, became my middle name. I now live in a household of minivans and one mid-size STRATUS car, and that’s that. Unless something is wrong with the vehicle… I don’t give much thought to it, that is, until the other day. Sitting in my non descript car, in the Wal-Mart parking lot, I got a chance to look around. Cars, trucks and SUV’s of every shape, color and size surrounded me… but only one really caught my eye. It was a new VW Beetle. Bright Cherry Red… with black circles, all over it. It took a minute or two, for the significance of that to set in… then it HIT me. It was a LADYBUG. The car was a giant LADYBUG. A smile spread across my face, cheek to cheek. Innovative and cute, this BUG stood out in a crowd. And it made me, a little jealous. Nothing BORING about it. Talk about a conversation starter. I longed for the attention, such a car would bring. I wondered WHO was driving it? My imagination ran wild. A teacher, senior, business owner or student? Content to guess, rather than actually know… I thought about myself, and my reaction to this sporty little car. It was like a spark, setting my heart, a flutter... stirring something, deep within. The question is… what? How do I scratch this itch? Truth is, I don’t need a new car. BESIDES… Who can top a LADYBUG?

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