Thursday, November 26, 2009


A year ago, on Black Friday we bought a Keurig coffee maker, at Doorbuster prices. The fact it was on sale, clinched the deal… but we mainly bought it for its versatility. I drink tea, spouse drinks coffee. It brews both, courtesy of K-cups. K-cups, for those that haven’t seen them… are cups six to eight times bigger than a small creamer cup. Inside they’re filled with tea or coffee. You pick the size mug you want… 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces. You pop ONE of your favorite flavor K-cups... inside the machine, and it pierces the top and bottom, as hot water washes through it… rendering a delicious mug of your desired brew. Yummy and ingenious, it has simplified the time it takes to make tea and coffee! Happy with the machine, we also noted it makes hot chocolate. So back then, when it was new… I decided to give that a try. Because our local stores didn’t carry the cocoa K-cups, I ordered them online. It took 1 ½ weeks for the box to arrive. Anxiously, I anticipated my first cup of Timothy’s White Chocolate. I shouldn’t have. It was terrible. It tasted like hot dish water. I was so disappointed. I thought perhaps, the K-cup was diluted, by the size I picked… so I tried making a smaller cup. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter. It still left a bad taste in my mouth. Frustrated, I gave up. Because K-cups are classified as food stuff, I couldn’t return them for a refund. So… I ended up tossing them in the garbage. What a waste of money. We stuck to tea or coffee, from then on. But as winter turned to spring, and spring turned to summer, and summer turned to autumn… the thought lingered, what about a cup of hot chocolate? It was time to try again. This time... I bought Gloria Jean’s Hot Chocolate K-cups. The result was just as bad as the first trial run... devastating. It tasted like hot water, with just a touch of chocolate flavoring. Again disappointment… so how do I get the Keurig coffemaker to make me a decent cup of hot chocolate? I'm convinced it can't. MAD… I was ready to complain to the company. But my husband started experimenting. He was determined, we wouldn’t throw these K-cups away. And so far, we haven’t. But... we’re NOT using them as intended. Instead, he has to OPEN... two or three K-cups, by hand, with a knife... and then dumps the contents into a mug. He then places the mug, on the designated spot, under the coffeemaker and plunges the knob, getting hot water. With a spoon, he stirs it up. And… at last, a decent cup of hot chocolate with a little help from Keurig. Unfortunately, the K-cups are being used up, twice as fast, because you need so many, to even taste the chocolate. It defeats the purpose. It would just be easier to buy regular cocoa. From now on, I’m sticking to... tea or coffee... with the Keurig Coffeemaker. BUT... if I should ever be in the mood for hot chocolate, again… I’m getting it from McDonalds, complete with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

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CoffeePHD said...

I agree, Cocoa K-Cups very weak. I use smallest cup if I have one. You can buy just can of Nestle cocoa or something like that and just brew hot water. Cheaper, taste better :)
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