Saturday, September 4, 2010


The power lines to my house are in the backyard, instead of out front. I guess when they were laying out plans for the neighborhood, years ago, it seemed like a good idea, to put them there. Lately though, it’s been a real pain in the rear, for us. Not the original owners of our humble abode… the problem is, the trees here. Back when they built the house, the trees had just been planted and were small. Now, fifty-seven years later, we’re living in a woods. Our yard is full of trees, reaching limbs to the sky. The trouble is, some of them are growing dangerously close to the power lines. Their branches are interfering with business. During a wind, rain, snow or ice storm, they could potentially knock out power to the entire neighborhood, not just us. So the power company says the trees must come down. This saddens me. I love trees. I don't want to see any destroyed. But I understand why it must be done, whether I like it or not. Unfortunately to add insult to injury, my yard is now trashed with graffiti. The power company went crazy spray painting... BIG ugly, hot pink X’s... on all the tree trunks, of those trees to be eliminated. It looks hideous. Those without marks get to stay. Lucky them. The last time the power company did something of this magnitude was five years ago. Back then, when they cut down the other trees, they littered my entire backyard with piles of wood and brush. You couldn’t even walk back there. Try as we might… we couldn’t get anyone to haul away the wood. The cut pieces were just too gigantic and unwieldy. We're senior citizens... it literally took us THREE years to clean up the MESS the power company left behind. Therefore, I don’t relish the idea, of them, doing it again. But… I’m powerless to change it, because I don’t want to be power-less.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is a shame about the trees. Same thing happened to us a few years ago, it took a while to clean up here as well.

Lori said...

I hate when they have to get rid of trees like that. I hope they don't leave as big a mess this time.