Saturday, September 25, 2010


My house is old. The doors and windows are outdated. The windows are especially bothersome because it’s hard to open them. Seriously, it’s a real struggle. But then, the funny thing is… once you get them up, they have to be propped open, with a stick, to stay in place or they‘ll fall down. Unbelievable. It’s a pain in the rear. Over the years I’ve learned to just keep them shut. If I want to enjoy fresh air, I just go outside on the patio. Because of the size variations, the old doors have been difficult to replace. The old windows, not so much. The problem with them is the cost. We have a lot of windows. And that’s not chump change we’re talking about, to get new ones installed. So we’re doing it piece meal. A few years ago, we were feeling a bit flushed and we opted to replace the front windows only. They LOOK wonderful. But in the two years, that followed installation, I had never opened the new windows, not once. Old habits die hard. I was so used to the OLD windows being there, I simply kept forgetting we had the new ones. But when the temperatures dipped… I surprised myself… by opening them for the first time. It was so easy. They stayed up, no sticks required. Imagine that? What a bang for the buck. The cool, fresh air permeated the interior of the house. The sound of sirens and cars whizzing past, added new background noise to our everyday existence. It was marvelous. I had forgotten how much I loved the smells and sounds of the outdoors, inside. Never has such a simple gesture been so well received. Even my hubby liked the difference. And without doubt, the cats loved the new windows, too. They sat in the bottom of them all day. From now on… the windows stay open, until the snow arrives. Now all we have to do, is find the money to replace the rest of them.


Nelle said...

I had to prop open the windows of my old house. Sometimes in the middle of the night a stick would break and you would wake with such a fright at the sound. Our new windows here are thermal and so much better. Fresh air is a wonderful thing.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We love having our windows and slider open. Our kitteh loves the front window as well.

Lori said...

I'm glad you're finally enjoying your windows! Your old ones sound like ours. We'll probably do ours a few at a time too.