Friday, July 1, 2011


After he invented the telephone… it has been said that Alexander Graham Bell thought the contraption was a disruption. Therefore he did NOT have one in his office. I do not know if that is true, I read it somewhere online. But can you imagine what he would think today. We are connected at all times. We carry a telephone everywhere we go, disruption or not. When my daughter took out her land-line and opted for cellular service only, my husband applauded the move. He thinks having both is redundant and a big waste of money. He wants to do the same thing here at our house. And… I have my hands full keeping him from doing it. My arguments against it, are weak, at best. But one got his attention. I’m concerned my daughter took her land-line out because with two young children, at home... and just the cell phones in use, what happens in an emergency situation if both parents are gone with their phones. How do the kids call for help? It makes for a bad scenario if you ask me. I’m sure they have a contingency plan in place that I don’t know about, but still, it’s worrisome. The truth is I love my house phone. I’m not ready to give it up. The memories of talking to the operator to place a call, spending teenage years with the phone glued to my ear, endless holidays and special occasions celebrated with relatives from afar with the telephone cord stretched out as far as it could go… play in my head. Having it is like having a security blanket. I’ve always had it. The footprint of a land-line is larger than a cell phone. The keys are enormous. I can read it without my glasses. I know where it is… secured to the wall in the kitchen. Or sitting next to the bed in the bedroom. If the lights go out I don’t have to dig through my purse looking for it in the dark, which is where my cell phone would be. Furthermore, if the power goes out, the land-line still works. My cell phone might need to be charged and if I can’t do that, tell me what good are all the fancy things it does. So for now, I’m winning the war. The land-line stays. But my husband insists it is obsolete. When he decides to retire and we’re reduced to living on Social Security, things are going to have to change. He’s already told me, the house phone aka land-line will be the very first thing to go. So I guess I better get used to the idea. But I can tell you... the thought of it, doesn’t make me happy. Am I spoiled or what?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some people have to have a land line for faxes and such and many still keep both but it does save a lot of money. I let my home phone go when I retired. Sometimes the connection is so bad in my house on the cell that I have to step outside, but I put up with the inconvenience just to save a few dollars a month. It's true though if we don't have electricity we would not be able to charge the cell phones Thankfully I've never run into a problem with that.Living in the land of the poor but happy you try to think of little things to cut expenses.

Nelle said...

Many of my friends have cels only but I would never do that. Firstly, your cell phone battery can be dead and if you have an emergency what then? Sometimes mine freezes and has to be rebooted. A few Christmases ago I returned from shopping and found my phone had been stolen from my purse. I never even noticed anyone near my bag. I came home and thought all night how glad I was to have the housephone. (My husband was out of town.) They both have their place but I do not have an unlimited mobile plan. I have few minutes, pay a lot less and that covers what it costs me to have the housephone in a bundle. If you give it up and have a bundle you pay more actually. Strange huh?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We use modem at home, and work cell phone. If I had to pay for both, I think I would go cellular.

That corgi :) said...

I think you brought up valid points about keeping the land line and it is for the exact same reason of it being able to be used in an emergency that we still have ours, my husband pushes to keep it and I'm the one that wants to just use our cell phones. Thing is I really am like Mr. Bell; I do think it is a distraction. It is a necessary distraction of course with emergencies, etc, but we make it so much part of our lives; that cell phone goes everywhere with people and I can count on one hand the amount of church services in recent years that a cell phone has not gone off during the sermon as opposed to one going off during the sermon.

I have a cell phone I carry with me for emergencies when I'm alone. Otherwise, I rarely use it. In the old days, we did actually get through a movie or a church service without having to get up and take a call; and we survived, LOL!

I hope you get to keep your land line as long as you want!