Monday, August 6, 2012


Once upon a time...
my hubby and I appeared on a
that did a Soap Opera of our lives.
They had a chauffeur
pick us up from the hotel
 in a cadillac...
to take us to the studio in Burbank,
where the TV SHOW was being filmed.
It was a BIG deal
being on national TV and all.
I was disappointed because
I wanted a
Such is life. 
Throughout the years,
 both of our daughters went to  
their PROMS in limos.
And I was a tad bit jealous...
because I have never had
the LUXURY of
being in one, myself.
you count the times
 I've been in fancy vehicles
 for a few funerals.
And to be honest...
those cars were much smaller
than the type I fantasized about.
I have NEVER used
an airport limo either.
This past weekend,
 my hubby and I took a
day trip to Michigan.
We saw lots of interesting things.
on our way home this
caught my eye.
My heart be still. It was all a flutter. 
Such a thing, it should happen to me.
I'd be
don't you think?


Ken Riches said...

You should save for a wine country tour in a limo...

Paula said...

I hope you make it someday. I see those more often here in our small country town lately on the week-end. Probably for a wedding.

Jon said...

When you get your limo, will you hire me as your driver?
(yes, for a brief time, I was a limo driver in Los Angeles)

I have a few limo stories....someday I'll dare to tell them.......

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have never had a limo ride either. It's fun to see movies about people going here and there in one, but then I've never lived the life style that they do either. Everyone has to have a dream and a pink limo ride is a good one. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Formerly known as Frau said...

yes pretty in pink.....I hope some day! I've never been in a stretch limo either.....some nice town cars and a small limo for my wedding but not one like this! Dream big!

Chatty Crone said...

I think you would look beautiful in pink! Love, sandie

Rose said...

Wow, a pink limo! Yes, that would have been ideal!

I've been in a limo for a prom but that's about it. It was exciting.

Go for the Limo and enjoy your dreams!

jack69 said...

Yep, one would think, She would look good in PINK!
Dream on, they have a way of coming true. But methinks in many cases, 'you have been there and done that!'

Love from the Rondout Valley of NY.


Helen said...

I have never rode in one either, unlike you I have never had the desire to ride in one. Hopefully one day you will.

Forty Pound Sack said...

You should have it, my dear! You would look fabulous in that pretty pink limo - Oh, and make sure they send you a driver that makes you swoon, too ~

~mel said...

I should think you'd be absolutely stunning in a big ol' pink limo!!

DD said...

Very interesting... I would have loved seeing your TV show!

Yes, you would be beautiful in a pink cadillac. I hope your dream comes true. But, oh, you are beautiful anyway!

Take care, DD

Pat MacKenzie said...

I've never seen a pink limo. I wonder if they have pink champagne on hand for the fortunate riders. Enjoy the dream..

Lucy said...

I bet you will wind up in pink. Hope it will be a limo.

Belle said...

I hope one day you do ride in a pink limo. I've never been in one either, but I'd love to! You'll have to share the story of your TV appearance.

Andrina Royceston said...

I bet you felt you’re on cloud 9 when you got to ride on that Pretty in Pink Limo! Right, Tary? I will feel the same way if that were me. Haha. That pink limo is an ideal service going to a prom or a sweet 16 birthday celebration. The birthday celebrant would surely enjoy the glamour and fun associated with this luxurious limousine accommodation.

Andrina Royceston

Earnestine Novick said...

It’s a dream of mine to be able to ride in a limo at least once before I kick the bucket! Maybe I can hire one at the airport, once I have the money for it! I’ve been using airport taxis for the time being, since it saves me money. Lucky you to have already experienced riding in a limo! I’m sure you can hire an airport limo the next time you fly to a different state! When you do, make sure to let us know what it was like!

Earnestine Novick

Evan Blake said...

Riding in a hot pink limo sounds exciting! I’m sure that you can make your dreams come true. You don’t have to have a formal occasion or event that you need to attend, because there are limo services that offer a tour of the city. Maybe if some friends come to visit, you can drag them to one. That, or rent one when you go on a vacation somewhere, so they can tour you around the local favorites. Going to wine country on a limo also sounds good. Good luck!

Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indianapolis