Monday, June 27, 2016


My husband grew up in Michigan. It’s where we got married. (by a judge with the initials CAR in the Motor City) Back during our courtship my husband took me everywhere he had ever been, exploring all his old haunts throughout the state. I fell in love with the sandy beaches, the urban flavor of the cities. It was our playground. So... Michigan is special to both of us. But we let it go. When he moved away he left a piece of himself there and so did I. We used to reclaim it whenever we went to visit his family. But… they have long since passed, except for a brother... and our trips back there became few and far between. When we did go back… first stop was always the cemetery, a drive past the old house and little else. Depressing right? A few years ago… a part-time consulting position gave my husband more than a little access to Michigan again.  At first… I would travel with him. But then it got tiresome. I was stuck there all week while he was tied up in meetings and work. Money was limited. We had one set of wheels. So taxi’s or Uber were out of the question.  I just sat in the motel watching TV or taking photographs in the lobby and parking lot. It got BORING. So I stopped coming with him on these business excursions... especially since he was too tired to do anything else, after he got back from the office. It became obvious, my husband and I have been taking life for granted. So I threw down the gauntlet. It’s time to start living again. He was working himself into an early grave and so was I back here.  I knew I needed to recharge my batteries and felt he needed to do the same.  I suggested we go someplace for a few days to relax and unwind. Just a quick getaway. No technology. Someplace neither of us had been before. So the job, our health problems… and the past with it’s baggage, could take a backseat for a while… and we could just 'live in the moment'. The PRESENT. I insisted we pinpoint a location, asap. He showed me his hand, asked where (it’s a Michigander thing, the hand) and we got to talking. He hemmed and hawed... no matter where I suggested. Then… something happened. We heard a commercial for PURE Michigan. It sealed the deal.  The words sang to me. To him. (best promotional campaign we had ever heard) I got on YouTube and we listened to every ad they had up. The writing captures your imagination and Tim Allen’s voice brings it alive. It said what we needed to hear. Michigan is WHERE we needed to be. If you’ve never been there. Stop what you’re doing and LISTEN to these three short video ads below. Let Michigan bring you to that place that is MISSING in your life. Let it embrace you in all it’s wonderment. Let it remind you who you are deep down inside. And NEVER let it go. PURE Michigan isn't just about them. It's about US, all of us. 


betty said...

I listened to two of the commercials. Michigan does sound like where you guys need to be at this point in your life. I hope you enjoy(ed) your time there and made some new memories of a favorite place of yours.


Red Rose Alley said...

After watching the video, I want to go to Michigan! Tim Allen's voice made you appreciate all the beauty that Michigan brings. I'm glad you found a relaxing place to go with your husband. Life can get hectic sometimes, and it's wonderful that you realized to slow down and enjoy life. What a great post, Taryterre.

love, ~Sheri

jack69 said...

My BIL is a transplanted NC boy who seems to have adopted your attitude about MI. He is a Yipsi guy he says, and will die there, but wants his remains brought back to NC.
We have spent quite a lot of time (months) in MI, LOVE upper michigan.

Go where your heart sings, the soul deserves it, is all I have to say, we do!

Mevely317 said...

Mr. Allen's opening words in Video #2 had me squirming ... suspecting our lives were being observed and found wanting. Good stuff.

So glad to read you summoned the courage to throw down that gauntlet!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

teddy is from michigan!!!!

Jon said...

Michigan is one of the few states I've never been too. The Pure Michigan ads sound tempting. You can never recreate the past, but you sure can create new memories. Go for it!

Reminds me of a song Judy Garland used to sing -
"How I wish and wish again
that I was in Michigan..."

Can't remember which film she sang it in - but I'm almost positive it was either "Easter Parade" or "In the Good Old Summertime".

Lisa said...

You have got the right idea!! Some people work so hard to make a living they never make a life.
Me and my husband finally get out a little and take a trip a few times a year.

Pam Kessler said...

I love those commercials. Almost makes me want to go to Michigan. Being from Ohio, I'm not sure I'm allowed up there :) Enjoy your trip.